Your Customers Come First 

Zuus Dynamic Scheduling™ helps managers ensure their customers always receive the best service.

Your Customers Come First 

Zuus Dynamic Scheduling™ helps managers ensure their customers always receive the best service.
Functionality On the Go

Multi-site staff scheduling software and time & attendance solutions that travel with you.


AdaptX™ harvests long-term point of sale and customer traffic data so that you can adjust your labor model based on the most accurate and up-to-date sales & customer forecast. Learn more

Labor Optix

By providing an easily accessible and intuitive graphical display of labor versus customer demand, Labor Optix™ lets you know where you are under- or over-staffing. Learn more

MetriX Pro

On the MetriX Pro™ interactive dashboard, labor metrics and KPIs respond immediately to changes in workforce scheduling app, ensuring that managers always have store profitability and goals in mind. Learn more

Staff Xchange

With Staff Xchange™, your staff at multiple locations can trade shifts with each other, and managers can easily fill shifts and avoid double- and over-scheduling staff who are working at different sites. Learn more

Labor TraX

The Labor TraX™ timekeeping interface records hours worked and final sales, showing you how your decisions affected profitability and allowing you to compare attendance through online scheduling software. Learn more

Our Customers

“Zuus Workforce allows us to focus on growing our business because all our workforce management issues are under control. Zuus speeds up our payroll process by 80%. We’ve reduced our labour cost percentage across all our stores by 3-5%.”

Robert Hazan

“To reach our productivity targets at SUBWAY™ we need to have enough staff to ensure quality of service. Zuus Workforce helps us put the right staff on the counter and eliminates overspending. We’re confident that every store is meeting targets, even though our stores are across three states.”

Matt Henderson

“Yogurtland has experienced fast growth. Implementing Zuus Workforce right from day 1 has been essential to quickly and effectively standardise our operational procedures across franchised and corporate units.”

Theo Koutrodimos

5 Surprising Findings From New York’s Minimum Wage Study

New York City’s minimum wage is increasing to $15 per hour effective in 2019, but they are not the only region to do so. Minimum wages have been increased in many areas with a high cost of living, including cities in California and Washington State. In...

Labor Optimization Strategies for Scheduling Managers

Do you know how to schedule workers to meet customer demand? This is called labor optimization. It helps businesses staff for the highest profitability and best customer service. Today's restaurant and retail store managers need to strike a balance. On the one hand...

Restrictive Scheduling or Advanced Predictive Scheduling – The Laws You Need to Know Now

Predictive scheduling laws are among the newest initiatives in human resources and labor laws. These laws began being put in place to overcome the problem workers were having with not being able to plan properly for their family’s needs due to...

Wingtip empowers managers to provide better service

Opportunity.  Controlling labor cost was a major issue in the food & beverage and retail sides of the Wingtip business. The team were using Excel spreadsheets which are large and clunky and didn’t calculate labor cost accurately. The team felt they were ‘flying blind’...

Six Important and Often Forgotten Aspects of Building Your Staff Schedule

For brick & mortar retailers & restaurants there are six steps we recommend to customers to evaluate your staffing needs. Below are your six steps for a full overhaul of your staffing, starting from your first principles: customer service. 1. Evaluate Your Roster When...

Wingtip is a “one-stop shop for the modern gentleman.” Exceptional customer service is their business.

Wingtip features a retail shop with a custom clothing department, cufflinks, pens, leather goods, barware, cigar accessories, a fly fishing shop, wine & spirits and even a barber shop and shoe shine stand. They also have a restaurant and bar, a private club, a...


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