About Us

ZUUS is schedules, time attendance and advanced labor reporting in the cloud. Established and growth businesses alike can leverage ZUUS to improve transparency of labor cost data across the organization, eliminate inefficient data entry and speed up workforce management processes. Integrations with major point of sale, business intelligence and HR systems means no more redundant, double-entry data.

ZUUS is the centre piece of your workforce management plan. Comprising multiple cloud-based modules like payroll and time attendance based around a core of efficient and effective scheduling, ZUUS helps any business with a pool of hourly and permanent staff.

ZUUS takes into account KPI targets, awards, penalties and staff availability to empower your front-line managers to complete schedules on-time and on-budget so you know what your wage costs will be before the week starts, saving thousands through efficient scheduling.

2014 saw ZUUS launch in the United States at the 2014 NetSuite trade show in San Jose, CA.

The software development and sales team at ZUUS continue to work together to develop new features and efficiency improvements based on feedback, to make ZUUS the ideal workforce management tool for your business.