Labor Optimization Strategies for Scheduling Managers

Do you know how to schedule workers to meet customer demand? This is called labor optimization. It helps businesses staff for the highest profitability and best customer service. Today's restaurant and retail store managers need to strike a balance. On the one hand...

Wingtip empowers managers to provide better service

Opportunity.  Controlling labor cost was a major issue in the food & beverage and retail sides of the Wingtip business. The team were using Excel spreadsheets which are large and clunky and didn’t calculate labor cost accurately. The team felt they were ‘flying blind’...

What Is Labor Deployment?

Have you ever been to a popular restaurant during brunch on a Sunday?  The place is crowded, the staff is overwhelmed, and the experience just falls flat. The food isn’t getting there fast enough, the servers are frantic, we’ve all seen this happen. This is a sign of...


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