The biggest problem customers face with scheduling is matching shifts to customer demandOur customers often tell us that when shifts don’t start and finish at set times and must closely meet sales demand, their managers struggle to balance cost against staffing needs. In addition, the staff expect flexible working conditions and they change their availability regularly. Often with excel spreadsheets or worse, handwritten rosters, our customers’ distributed office set up can result in data redundancy and lack of management control, which means labour costs can blow out often and with little warning.


Zuus Workforce, the cloud scheduling solution, solves these problems for large retail and quick service restaurant chains – both corporate and franchised organisations. Managers come to us regularly with positive feedback because they have: an easy to use scheduling system; access to their data anywhere, any time; presentation of the relevant statistical data in an easy to understand way that enables and guides the restaurant managers (who have no business training) to make important business decisions.


Using Zuus workforce enables front-line managers to be responsible for and reduce their department or stores’ cost of labour by matching shifts to sales demand. Managers can ensure they still provide quality service to their customers but don’t blow their labor budgets. Zuus also gives managers a tool to effectively track staff availability changes without piles of paper or hand written diary entries, and communicate shift information in a way that the staff relate to.

When every single store in a group is scheduling against sales demand and reducing their labor costs by 3 to 5%, the savings are in the multi-millions.