The biggest retail and restaurant brands know exactly what their perfect staff to customer ratio is. They know how increases or decreases in this ratio affect customer satisfaction. They know exactly how many staff are required in each store or restaurant at any one time for optimum customer service.


Thinking about your brand:

  • What is your perfect customer to staff ratio?
  • Can you easily reach this optimum balance without over-staffing?
  • More importantly, can your frontline managers reach this balance without supervision from the operations team?


Getting your customer to staff ratio right is critical in customer service. It creates the ideal mix of  happy customers as well as an increase in revenue.


3 steps to optimize labor to improve customer service:

  1. Forecast customer demand on an hourly basis
  2. Schedule your staff to match this demand to give you the perfect customer to staff ratio
  3. Optimize by reviewing the schedule and updating to what actually happened (using T&A data) at the end of each day and week to constantly improve

ZUUS Workforce provides your managers with the tools they need to hit important customer service metrics all day every day. But more than that, our solution empowers your managers to think like CEOs. ZUUS Workforce guides your frontline managers to constantly balance the wage budget and profit margins with customer expectations.

Optimization Building Blocks

  • The first building block is an accurate forecast of customer demand. Utilise high resolution (every 5-15 minutes) historical sales and foot traffic data as the source data. Then add in comparative year-on-year growth indexes and rolling averages to give managers the most accurate forecast of customer demand.
  • Managers use this forecast to schedule staff, balancing customer demand with staff needs and wage budgets. They can see slow periods and peak periods in the hourly sales & footfall traffic data which helps them modify staff start & finish times to match customers. More staff in peak periods, less wasted hours in slow times!
  • Once the week starts managers have one screen that they can work from to have complete certainty throughout each day that they are hitting their targets. Key performance indicators are displayed and updated in real-time; customer to staff ratio, labor cost percent and sales to man hours. This puts your manager in full control of providing great customer service while still acheiving their budgets.

NetSuite Integration

Our NetSuite integration pushes through high resolution labor cost – not just one general ledger entry – which ensures that inside NetSuite you know exactly how much each department, class or location costs. Our solution removes the frustrating limitation of having just the one GL line of payroll cost per period in NetSuite. With the ZUUS Workforce integration you can slice and dice your labor cost reports however you need to evaluate productivity and profitability. No more shocking unexpected after-the-fact wage bills! Our solution reduces the admin time associate with workforce management by 85%. This gives your team more time for business growth activities!

Without ZUUS Workforce you’re playing a guessing game. You’re crossing your fingers hoping to avoid long lines and grumpy customers or a high wage bill and lower sales than projected. Customers are the core of every business and a focus ensuing enough staff are on hand to provide great service without blowing budgets results in a 3-5% increase in profit. This profit comes not from cutting hours, but by doing the opposite – by putting the right number of staff on at peak times. This improves the customer experience, which boosts customer satisfaction and the end result is more purchases!

Learn more about labor optimization

If you are heading to SuiteWorld16, be sure to attend my session – OPS2025 – 17 May at 1:15pm in the exhibit hall (to far left of main hall as you enter) where I will be discuss a range of tools and actions that you can implement in customer services businesses to help improve your labor optimization to improve customer satisfaction. Or drop past the ZUUS Workforce booth #731 where our friendly team will be available to answer any specific questions that you may have!