Every business owner can count the cost of employee turnover


Employee turnover costs businesses thousands in re-advertising, interviewing candidates and re-training, not to mention the effect on the morale and effectiveness of existing employees. Experts often talk of incentives, career paths and positive feedback to reduce turnover. There are other ways of engaging your employes, including creating efficient rosters that take in to account staff availability, setting targets for your managers and giving them the tools to meet those targets, and respecting the time when your staff aren’t at work.

Make them responsible

Lack of flexibility of work hours is the number one reason staff resign. Staff love having some input on their schedule – after all, don’t we all espouse the benefits of “work-life balance”? It’s important to let staff be responsible for updating their hours of availability and keep their contact & financial details up to date. Roster software can help with collecting staff availability information, and giving your managers the power to approve or deny leave & availability change requests.

Set targets

The lack of adequate feedback to managers on labour cost and other KPIs is one of the main reasons wage costs spiral out of control. Clear targets set a minimum performance benchmark that engaged, proactive managers will strive to meet and exceed. Employee scheduling and roster software can help managers to achieve these targets by giving them the tools to track their labour cost percentage both before the week starts and throughout the day.

Respect their free time

All employees need down-time away from work. By sending emails & text messages with shift information for the upcoming week, employees don’t need to think about their upcoming work week in their downtime – the information is pushed to them. This also saves managers from answering a phone call from every employee asking about the roster for next week.