Does putting in timesheets frustrate you? Do you spend hours preparing a timesheet or timebook every week? Or do you have a clunky online system or excel spreadsheet to do your timesheets?

You’re not alone! Our Twitter team pulled some hilarious tweets from the internet about timesheets to share the load!

1. It takes 190 clicks to fill out a timesheet every week

2. You need another timesheet for the time it takes to fill in your timesheet!

3. You’re irrationally angry at Numbers/Excel/Open Offic

4. You feel like you need a lobotomy after entering timesheets


There’s a couple of simple things you can do. James Clear, in his blog about habit formation, mentions a couple of easy steps to forming a habit.

  1. make the habit incredibly easy to start. You could start by just picking up or opening your timesheet at the end of every shift, without even filling anything out. Just make it a habit that you do every day.
  2. increase the habit each day in a very small way. Put in another start/finish time every day
  3. even after increasing your habit, make it easy. Easy habits are easy to stick with!

Using this ‘small habits’ technique you could easily form a habit that you fill out your timesheet every day, instead of every few days – small pieces of work instead of one giant month-end task, where you need to log your time filling out your timesheet!

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