Time and attendance management when you’ve got a flexible on-demand workforce helps you control costs, reduce time-wasting errors, eliminate wage slippage, and improve visibility of labor statistics.

1. Reduce errors in the payroll process

When businesses introduce time and attendance management, schedules, time punches and approved actuals are kept in the same system ready for export to payroll. This means no more manual data entry in the payroll process, reducing time-wasting mistakes. Zuus Workforce clients experience an 80% cut in the time taken to do payroll – meaning admin time can be better spent on higher-value business tasks like reporting and analysis. What could your admin team achieve with an extra 12 hours in their week?

2. Reduce costs

Management time isn’t wasted by looking and and approving manual timesheets and chasing up mistakes. From the Zuus time & attendance management system, the manager has information about scheduled (rostered) hours, time punches, and approved actual hours, meaning they can approve shifts very quickly. Think what your managers could achieve with an extra hour each week dedicated to training and development.

3. Manage late employees

Employees arriving late at work will always be a problem. Zuus Workforce gives you insight into exactly what time each employee is arriving with the ZuusTime fingerprint scanner replacing punch cards for time & attendance management.

4. Eliminate missing or lost timesheets

Staff punch in and out with their fingerprints – no more missing, incomplete or lost timesheets. This means no more chasing of staff by payroll or management. This also improves the relationships between payroll and management.

5. Improve visibility

With ZuusOrg, managers, area managers, and upper-level management have access to labor reports. In quarterly meetings it’s simply a matter of pulling up the last 3 months’ labor figures right from ZuusOrg.

Time and attendance management gives you insights into the movements of staff that you have never had. Staff use their fingerprints to log on and off – no more lost keycards.