It’s getting more and more difficult to find great staff for restaurants in 2016. Quick service restaurant (QSR) and fast casual restaurant employees are demanding a better work-life balance and more flexibility. It’s a seller’s market out there! Employees are choosing jobs where an employer works around their commitments –  an employer who takes into account their availability when scheduling. Employers who embrace technology and advertise their employees’ work-life balance are getting the best talent.

So how do you attract and recruit good talent? There’s 4 things you can do to attract the best candidates.

Attract talent

There are 4 powerful ways to attract good talent:

  1. Word of mouth. Having family, friends and colleagues who have contacts in the industry, get in touch with them. They will often know people who are looking for work.
  2. Internet listings. There are many different websites where you can post job listings. There’s a helpful list of 6 of the biggest providers at the end of this post!
  3. “Help Wanted” signs. These area  great way to attract local talent but Food Service Warehouse warns they can look tacky. Assess your customers and determine if they would make good employees first.
  4. Contact local schools, community centres and colleges. To find part-time or after-school candidates it’s useful to build relationships with local youth organizations. Often young people are looking for an alternative to going straight to college – a ‘gap year’.


Thanks Food Service Warehouse for the 4 great tips above!

Filter the best talent

Add filtering questions to the initial application to get a measure of how keen candidates are. A couple filtering questions will scare off the lazy people and give you insight into the effort put in by the candidate.


For quick service restaurants, these are questions like:

  • When should you offer an upsell to a customer? (EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!)
  • If a customer complains about your product what should you do? (Write down their feedback and thank them for bringing it to your attention)


Restaurant Engine has a great article about hiring restaurant employees that’s worth a look.

Programs and strategies to recruit the best talent

Erin Powell, Business Development Manager at Snagajob will be moderate a power packed panel of speakers in a discussion about “attracting and recruiting good talent”.  The panel comprised of:

  • Brent Veach, Franchisee/Developer at Desert Taco, LLC
  • Gene Erdman, Multi-Unit Franchisee, Pizza Hut
  • Susan Rather, Multi-Unit Franchisee, BrightStar Care, BrightStar Senior Living, Mr. Handyman


“We know that restaurants run a lean operation and every dollar we can help them save in the hiring and onboarding process is money they can re-invest into their organization,” says Erin Powell, Business Development Manager for Snagajob.


The top 6 internet job listing sites as referrenced above:

    1. (with 60 million registered job seekers!)
    3. CareerBuilder


Combining several of these strategies is a powerful way to position you ahead of your competition in the hunt to attract and recruit good talent. Pushing your jobs ads out to the wider market, utilizing your rolodex, filtering applications and solid scheduling practices will place you ahead of the competition. The hunt for talent is hotter than ever. Make yourself stand out with a great work-life balance for your employees!


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