ZUUS Workforce have partnered with NetSuite to offer customers an integrated and seamless payroll solution. The integration includes features to automate payroll processing, exporting actual worked hours across to NetSuite quickly and easily. So quickly in fact, that one of our clients currently exports 500+ staff members hours worked into NetSuite in under five minutes. No upload & download of CSV files – a “psuedo integration”. This all happens with a click of a button.

NetSuite and ZUUS Workforce have created a seamless integration to save you time and money.



ZUUS Workforce has many great benefits. Here are just a couple:

  • Managers export high resolution wage data from ZUUS Workforce to NetSuite and can seperate out their staff members based on location, department, pay rate and more.
  • It speeds up the manual data entry of the payroll process by 85%
  • The ZUUS Actuals screen presents managers with the weekly schedule and staff timesheet entries ready to approve actual hours worked. This means all the information that lands in NetSuite is correct because all the processing is done in ZUUS Workforce.
  • The ZUUS tab at the top of the NetSuite portal means your payroll person does not need to leave NetSuite to import data. ZUUS and NetSuite data are all available to them on one screen.
  • ZUUS Workforce automates the pay rate for each employee based on the day worked, hours worked, time of the day and day of the week – saving you valuable time on data entry.

At ZUUS Workforce we have created a seamless integration with NetSuite to eliminate data redundancy, reduce data entry errors and save you time and money while not compromising on quality of data.