This is the first time we’ve written about our product, ZuusOrg. ZuusOrg is variance reporting for upper-level management. See the entire labour cost picture for every store or department in the organsiation; including rostered (forecast) and actual KPIs – sales per labour hour, labour cost percentage, average hourly cost and more.

Shane Roberts from Berri Resort Hotel Group is using ZuusOrg to control labour cost across his entire hotel group:


Australia, December 2013: Zuusorg gives Berri Resort Hotel Group General Manager Shane Roberts complete visibility over labour cost across all 19 departments in his four-venue group.

The duty managers of each venue now create costed rosters with Zuus, and Shane Roberts can see the variance between the roster or “plan” for the week and “actual” performance with Zuus holistic reporting tool Zuusorg, the organization-level reporting tool.

Staff enter their payroll code into the software-based Zuus O’clock cloud-based timeclock to clock on and off, replacing their timesheet. At the end of the pay week, department managers no longer collect staff timesheets – they utilise an automatic approval system to manage exceptions; if the clock-in and -out times are within 5 minutes of rostered, the shifts are automatically marked as ‘ready to export to payroll’.

With the combination of Zuus products:

  • ZuusSchedules for rostering
  • ZuusTime for time & attendance or timesheets, and
  • ZuusOrg for variance reporting,

Shane Roberts can now set labour cost percentage targets and labour cost budgets across all of the departments in his hotel group, and with costed rosters against actual performance in Zuusorg he has visibility over each departments labour cost before the pay week starts and can compare projections against actual performance from Zuuso’clock, the replacement for timesheets.

Shane Roberts comments, “The Zuus system gives my Financial Controller and myself complete visibility over both projected and actual labour costs across our entire group. With Zuus O’clock we know when staff are arriving and departing, making it easy to track labour costs without paper timesheets.”

Zuus Workforce CEO Rachael Skinner adds, Zuus Workforce is the perfect solution for hotel groups with anywhere from 40 to 4000+ staff members across multiple properties. The per-department set up with department managers doing the rostering, with full oversight from hotel General Mangers and group General Managers gives everyone in the business confidence that labour costs will remain under control.