How many times have you or your management team pulled your hair out trying to build effective shift schedules that optimize employee hours worked? Matching shift schedules with the current sales activity of your restaurant or food operation is a constant challenge. ZUUS Workforce has developed a powerful solution. Let’s take a closer look.

The Power of High Resolution Wage Data

High resolution wage data expands the traditional general ledger entry for wages cost into a more powerful and useful separation broken down by cost centers such as location, project, department or service item. From there, labor costs can be segmented even further—by hours, day, role or person. This is more precise data than common time and attendance records that only keep track of the total number of hours worked each week for an employee.


With more accurate information on these critical elements, you can make better decisions on workforce scheduling, saving labor costs and improving workforce productivity. This data is seamlessly exported to NetSuite and allows you to drill down to the exact information you want about employees, work shifts, wages, locations or any combination.

How ZUUS Workforce Captures High Resolution Data

Workers can begin or end their work shift on ZUUSTime through a number of methods. Two of our exciting developments are the ability to record time and attendance using biometrics—employee fingerprints, or via our mobile phone app. The mobile phone app also allows workers to record other data like guest counts, car counts and tips.

The days of sitting down and filling out a manual timesheet at the end of the each shift are over. With biometrics, employees place their finger on a biometric fingerprint scanner to clock in or out. Alternatively, they can enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN) running on an iOS or Android tablet computer. Another option is to operate ZUUSTime Time & Attendance on a Point of Sale (POS) terminal or Windows tablet for added security through a separate USB-enabled fingerprint scanner.

Benefits of High Resolution Data for NetSuite Users

The benefits of the ZUUSTime Time & Attendance system include:

  • the ability to run side-by-side comparisons to determine which operations areas can be streamlined, expanded or eliminated
  • which segments represent the highest cost centers
  • ongoing reduction of labor costs
  • better customer experience, resulting in repeat business
  • increased opportunities to boost revenue and profits
  • over 85 percent improvement in management time taken up by payroll tasks
  • determining what penalty wage rates, if any, apply to your operation
  • real-time viewing of key profit indicators (KPI) helps keep management and staff focused and productive


After managers approve employee timesheets, the data is moved effortlessly to the requisite NetSuite fields with the touch of one button. ZUUSTime and NetSuite sync together in real time. Employee, wage and hours worked data hooks directly to NetSuite. Data entry errors are practically eliminated.

How High Resolution Wage Data Improves Your Business

Without ZUUS, you have to juggle information about wage costs, compliance regulations, budgets, sales forecasting and employee availability. ZUUS removes the drudgery of comparing all these data points and gives managers the constructive information they need to make decisions that directly affect the business. ZUUS helps you build efficient work schedules that automatically calculate wage costs, forecast labor expenses and measure performance. Sales data flows into the system in real time, allowing you to adjust schedules on the fly, improving KPI efficiency week after week.


ZUUS and NetSuite is a powerful solution to the frustration of employee scheduling. Frontline managers can get back to doing what they do best: helping staff improve the customer experience.