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Run a food and beverage business?

by Daniel James | Friday 6 December 2013

If you didn’t realise it was possible to have your staff roster automatically update your account records, this might be of interest.

Here’s another trick if you’re running a business. By linking your accounting and your rostering system, you can have your payroll updated automatically. For example, we notice that the cloud-based Zuus Workforce rostering system now integrates with Xero cloud accounting. It’s aimed particularly at retail and hospitality operators, and the idea is that by linking the two systems it saves time and effort. For example, when a manager or supervisor approves an employee’s hours worked in Zuus Workforce, the information is transferred to Xero’s payroll function.


Similarly, if an employee updates their bank details in Zuus Workforce, their records in Xero are altered to match. There’s also the ability to link earnings rates in Xero to penalty wage rates in Zuus Workforce. One user of both systems is Jason Williams, who operates two Subway stores in Victoria. “When I go on holidays, I can simply and easily delegate my payroll to my store manager, Ali. I can see everything Ali has done; I have complete oversight since he has his own logins for Zuus, Xero and internet banking,” he is quoted as saying on the Zuus blog.


Zuus Workforce also integrates with Wage Easy, MYOB, Sage MicrOpay and Reckon for payroll, and OrderMate, MICROS, MaitreD, DPos, ImPOS and Idealpos for POS (for example, so you can relate hourly sales or footfall figures to staffing levels, allowing fine-tuning of the roster).

We’re enormously proud of our Xero integration. You can find out more here