We’ve all been in a retail store, ready to make a purchase, but couldn’t locate a sales associate to answer a specific question or grab a different size. Or, just as annoying, we find ourselves stuck in a line at a cash register waiting to check out because there are not enough clerks on hand to handle the customer demand. This problem occurs because the store did not nail their staff scheduling, they got their customer to staff ratio wrong. In a perfect ZUUS Workforce world, this would never happen again.


ZUUS Workforce gives your managers a key performance indicator (KPI) panel at their fingertips when writing work schedules that guide them to creating the best shift schedule possible. This KPI panel gives your front line managers the data they need to think like a CEO.


ZUUS Workforce integrates with POS, foot traffic counters, and other systems to bring transactions, labor data, and customer count to your work scheduling system.

With this information at their disposal, they make correct workforce management decisions that ensure the ideal customer to staff ratio so you will never lose a customer and maximize revenue opportunities.


Customers come to brick and mortar stores for the experience of working with professionals. They are seeking out specific knowledge and experiences they cannot have by adding items to their digital shopping cart.


Whether they want to try on a pair of shoes or test ride a bicycle, making sure you have the correct customer to staff ratio at peak times is crucial to ensuring your customers have a positive experience, make purchases, and recommend your store to their friends and family.


With the proliferation of e-commerce, keeping your customers happy and engaged is more important than ever. The best retailers have sales staff that act as trusted advisors to their customers and help guide their guests through a buying experience in their stores.


Therefore having an accurately forecasted shift schedule and customer to staff ratio is critically important. Does this sound like something your business cannot carry on without?