Western Australia, April 3rd 2013 in setting up Warwick’s flagship Coffee Club store, Roger Davis knew from day one he wanted to utilise as much useful technology as possible to streamline his business processes.

The workforce management processes of doing rosters, managing staff availability, tracking time & attendance, and payroll can be time consuming and frustrating when manual entry is involved. Roger looked at several workforce management suites and selected ROSS to manage his workforce.


“Integration was what the decision to use this system was all about; when reviewing the options, the system needed to lead all the way through the staffing processes.”


Roger has opted to use MyROSS, ROSS Rostering, ROSS O’Clock and ROSS Payroll.

Each of the ROSS modules work together:

  • Through MyROSS, each one of Roger’s team of dedicated front-line staff can log in and request changes to their availability for the coming days, weeks and months;
  • Using ROSS Rostering, the Coffee Club store managers set up and cost the rosters against hour-by-hour historical sales demand from the cutting-edge POS software, MICROS, including approving or rejecting staff availability;
  • Each employees’ time and attendance data is tracked via the ROSS O’Clockfingerprint scanner, ensuring staff are paid correctly;
  • On pay day, Roger’s payroll staff simply push a button in ROSS Payroll and the time & attendance data is synced with MYOB and payroll is processed within 15 minutes.


“The ROSS system means that I am able to process pays in about 15 minutes per week”


In addition to the time savings, Roger finds using ROSS makes his staff accountable and eases the compliance burden.


“ROSS provides significant value in providing excellent compliance and record keeping”


Since all records are electronic, they are backed up and easy to access at any time, and with the fingerprint scanner staff can’t argue with ROSS O’Clock!

Roger is in the process of selling his store and the ROSS integrated system is a selling feature for the store. The streamlined integration of staff processing sounds very impressive to potential buyers and looks favourable in comparison to other similar stores.