Timesheet calculator saves The Coffee Club franchisee through costed rostering


Shane Lewis, franchisee trading as The Coffee Club with three stores in New South Wales’ Hunter region, wanted more up-to-date information on his cost of employment (COE) instead of waiting for the wages bill to come in on Sunday night. The recent introduction of Zuus Workforce into his three stores has given Shane the information he needs to make staff allocation decisions based on actual information which is updated automatically each day. Zuus rostering software and timesheet calculator integrates with The Coffee Club’s point of sale (POS) system, Micros®, and displays sales information against the cost of wages on the roster.


“Previously I didn’t always have the time to work out our numbers each day. Even though I thought our cost of employment (COE) was working out ok I was always a little concerned until Sunday night when we ran payroll to confirm our labour cost percentage for the week matched up with what we hoped it would when we first produced the weekly roster.”


“Now I’m able to fine-tune my roster as I progress through the week because I have the information I need automatically calculated for me and accessible from any computer with an internet connection.”


Shane attributes his success to a high focus on wage costs through introducing the Zuus timesheet calculator, combined with all other costs and balanced with a ‘stellar customer service’ mindset. The Coffee Club is Australia’s largest home-grown café group with over 300 stores acZuus Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, New Caledonia and China, serving more than 40 million cups of coffee every year and employing more than 6,000 staff.

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