Founders Paul Chansingthong and Edward Vanegas at Kafe Urban in Longmont, CO.

Longmont, CO (August 16, 2015):  Urban Restaurant Group, owners of Kafe Urban and Urban Thai in Longmont, Colorado, have chosen Zuus to provide cloud management workforce solutions for their establishments. To maintain growth – a third restaurant will open soon – owners Edward Vanegas and Paul Chansingthong needed a workforce management solution that met their current needs and could adapt with expansion.

Vanegas sought a tool that aligned with his business philosophy of placing value and trust in his staff. Three key elements made Zuus Workforce the perfect choice. “I wanted to delegate scheduling tasks to managers, and I wanted to match employee start times with sales demand rather than starting all staff at the same time,” said Vanegas. “Using Zuus, I have successfully delegated scheduling for both my restaurant and cafe to our operations manager, Marcus Trepke.”  Vanegas is really pleased they can now stagger the start time of their evening restaurant shifts to match expected customer demand. “This is much more efficient than having everyone come in at 4pm!”

“What most impressed me about Zuus was how it enabled me to maintain my core beliefs on how to retain employees,” Vanegas said. Urban Restaurant Group staff is mostly high school or college students. Vanegas believes it’s important to ensure his staff have a balance of priorities in their lives, are trained well, and feel empowered.

“Our staff are still figuring out who they are,” he said. “Part of my commitment is honoring all ‘request-offs’ employees ask for.” Zuus Workforce allows staff to log in online and lodge a ‘request off’ to notify their line manager.

Zuus serves businesses with fluctuating customer demand to accurately determine staff scheduling. Results of working with Zuus include:

  • Consistent reduction of labor costs by 3 to 5 percent

  • More than 85 percent improvement in efficiency of manual workforce management processes

  • Reduction in unnecessary wage spend

  • Increased revenue opportunities

  • Improved customer experience

The solution’s core module is a powerful staff scheduling tool ideal for businesses that have a pool of staff, where staffing levels are related to changes in customer demand. Industries that can benefit include restaurants, retail, security services, healthcare providers, and manufacturing suppliers.

Zuus Workforce integrates with more than 30 platforms, including NetSuite, MICROS, NCR, Revel, ADP, QuickBooks, and World Manager. These seamless integrations provide even greater returns.

Operations Manager Marcus Trepke with owner Paul Chansingthong at Urban Thai in Longmont, CO.

About Urban Restaurant Group

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About Zuus Workforce

Zuus is all about schedules, time & attendance and advanced labor reporting in the cloud. Established and growth businesses alike can leverage Zuus to improve transparency of labor cost data across the organization, eliminate inefficient data entry and speed up workforce management processes. Integrations with major point of sale, business intelligence and HR systems means no more redundant, double-entry data.

Zuus is the centerpiece of your workforce management plan. Zuus takes into account KPI targets, wage award rates & work orders including penalties, and staff availability. Comprising multiple cloud-based modules like payroll integrations and time & attendance based around a core of efficient and effective scheduling, Zuus helps any business with a pool of hourly and permanent staff.

Zuus reduces labor cost percentage by 3-5% and reduces payroll admin by more than 85%.

In our design, we focus on the question “Is this better for the staff?” because happy staff give customers a great experience. Zuus Workforce empowers frontline managers to get staffing levels right by making informed decisions from actionable information and achieving a balance between employees’ needs and business requirements.

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