Has your business ever experienced unexpected payroll bills? Have you received customer complaints about staff service levels or inconsistency in customer service? Or have you ever had managers unable to hit their labor and customer service metrics? Our easy to access reporting insights, empower managers to put a stop to these issues.


Bad habits, such as taking “copy + paste” shortcuts when preparing schedules create business management problems, by not taking into account  factors that change sales peaks and troughs. We have created a free Labor Optimization Checklist, to give frontline managers a simple and fast way to optimize their staff schedule, to ensure consistent customer service, optimise revenue opportunities and keep labor spend within budget.


Our easy to use checklist is presented in three important sections:

  1. Prepare Your Schedule – Step-by-step guide for producing staff schedules that meet customer demand.
  2. Action Your Schedule – Take real-time action to ensure labor and customer service targets stay on track.
  3. Review Your Schedule – Compare your schedule to actual hours, to inform improvements for your next schedule.

ZUUS Workforce works directly with our customers to bring about genuine and lasting process change. Our solution team have been listening, learning and applying processes to help restaurants and retails stores improve customer service by optimising their labor. This checklist comes to you via the collective minds of thousands of Operations Managers that we have worked with.


The ZUUS Org mutli-unit variance reporting tool empowers managers to easily access critical information to fully optimize labor scheduling. We understand how imporant it is be able to compare scheduled vs actual performance in real time across your entire business.


Our free Labor Optimization Checklist will help you to avoid unexpected payroll bills and inconsistent customer service.