You’re out of the office at a networking event and payroll needs to be run for the week. Panic, bail out and shoot back to the office right? Not an option when you’re a 50 minute flight away! Using cloud-based rostering and time & attendance solution Zuus Workforce (formerly Roster with ROSS), Benn Farrawell, Franchisee trading as SUBWAY™ simply logs in to Zuus and presses a few buttons.

Benn runs his eye over the Zuus payroll preview, and then hits one button to create an approved pay run in Xero cloud-based accounting system.This pay run includes approved hours automatically divided into base wages, penalty rates or conditions, and allowances as well as Xero tracking categories. He can download an .aba file to upload to his internet banking, then email staff their payslips.

He is able to pay his staff using Xero in 5 minutes from a wifi hotspot at the networking event!

Benn Farrawell, Franchisee trading as SUBWAY™, uses Zuus Workforce for rostering and Xero for accounting & payroll – the two cloud-based solutions combine to allow Benn to run his payroll from anywhere. No data entry, no paper, no problem!


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