Guzman y Gomez™, a quick-service restaurant chain with 53 restaurants in Australia, were able to bring payroll back in-house with Zuus Workforce and NetSuite’s Infinet Cloud payroll solution, eliminating expensive outsourced payroll.

Bringing payroll in-house

As the Guzman y Gomez™ (GYG) business grew past 500 staff members, Co-Founder and Finance Director Robert Hazan identified that outsourced payroll was becoming a larger and larger expense. In addition, GYG accounting staff had to do a manual General Ledger entry to enter wage costs into their accounting & ERP system, NetSuite.

Eliminating this expense by bringing payroll back in-house usually requires hiring extra payroll staff to cover compiling timesheets, reports and data entry. GYG were able to make the change to in-house payroll without hiring extra staff.

Payroll in 5 minutes for 500 staff

Zuus Workforce completed an integration with NetSuite’s payroll module, Infinet Cloud in January of 2014, which takes the manual data entry step out of the payroll process. Zuus automates payroll and feeds hours worked for a fortnight for 500 staff into NetSuite in less than 5 minutes, divided into the penalty wage rates and allowances that are payable under Australian Awards, as well as divided into the different cost centers that GYG want to report on, such as what was the wage proportion at Store A by various jobs done.


Sofia Ceseña, Financial Controller at GYG says, “With Zuus Workforce + Infinet Cloud, payroll processing times were reduced significantly while allowing a higher degree of control over the process and data. This also resulted in considerable dollar savings.

“Infinet Cloud has allowed GYG to cut out the amount of time spent communicating back and forth with the outsourced payroll service and process payroll in a much shorter amount of time with a higher degree of control and accuracy. Infinet Cloud also has capabilities to prepare and submit Superannuation contributions online streamlining this process as well. Due to the complexity of GYG’s payroll, having control of our information and reporting, along with the cost savings, made the switch to Zuus + Infinet Cloud worthwhile.”


Having Zuus Workforce integrated with NetSuite made the decision to bring payroll in-house financially viable for Hazan. Completing payroll in NetSuite eliminated any manual data entry and saved double-handling of data.


Robert Hazan, CFO, states, “Zuus Workforce integration with NetSuite’s payroll solution Infinet Cloud means we have all our financials and payroll in NetSuite, this has enabled us to produce more timely cohesive business reporting.”


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