inBusiness magazine have written up a fantastic article about one of our clients, Shoe Shed. Nice one Anthony!


Shoe Shed finds solution for seasonal retail staffing

Updated 6 December 2013


Shoe Shed managing director Anthony Slade has found a solution that allows staff to plan their lives and get more time with their families over the holidays. The summer holidays are busy times for hospitality and retail, as people unwind from the year and spend up big on presents and entertainment. Staff in these industries often have to sacrifice time with their families for work.


Roster with ROSS helps store managers track staff availability online and roster accordingly. Before introducing ROSS, Anthony was spending nearly three hours each week collating paper timesheets and manually entering data to process pays for 80 front-line retail staff.


“I knew I was duplicating effort by double-handling data and I knew I had to take a long, hard look at our business processes to eliminate inefficiencies,” he said.


After an extensive search for solutions, Anthony selected a web-based rostering solution that integrates with Shoe Shed’s existing business systems. ROSS co-founder and CEO Rachael Skinner says the ROSS system is easy to use, developed with the input of customers from various industries such as Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), Cafes and Retail.


“ROSS uses text messaging and email to communicate roster information to staff,” Rachael says. “ROSS makes it easy for managers with no business or technical training to make critical business decisions. It’s ideal for customer-facing businesses including retail, restaurants and hotels.”


Rostering software can help any food & beverage or retail business with a pool of casual and full-time staff. With our Xero integration, payroll is super easy too. Bookkeepers love it – no data entry with Xero bookkeeping accounting software and Roster with ROSS rostering software.