After Sholto at @BoxFreeIT wrote up the power of Ordermate’s POS + Xero’s Accounting + Zuus Workforce, we thought we’d publish the full case study here:


Fasta Pasta Corporation selects cloud-based integrated services for timely, accurate information that inspires action


Fasta Pasta Corporation operate 13 Fasta Pasta stores in Melbourne and Brisbane. The organisation has realised significant benefits from using the introduction of Zuus Workforce as a vehicle for company-wide cultural change. Fel Bevacqua, Consultant General Manager of Fasta Pasta Corporation is introducing a culture of timeliness across the organisation.


Fel joined the Fasta Pasta team in 2011 with a mission to take the business with no digital information flows into the modern age of integrated services and cloud computing. Fasta Pasta was caught in a situation with very manual, now antiquated business processes, with no staff to spend time investigating and trialling new technologies. This old way of operating meant the business lacked timely information and transparency. Fel’s background in QSR restaurants with his previous work in Domino’s Pizza meant he was fanatical about reducing the friction for the flow of information in the business.


The first step in the journey towards timeliness and transparency was to move away from cash registers and find a new way to make customer order information more visible. After a comprehensive feasibility study Fel settled on Ordermate. Fel was introduced to Zuus Workforce by the team at the POS supplier, Ordermate, and he immediately saw an opportunity to harvest the sales data coming out of this new POS system. After the introduction from Ordermate, Fel looked into Zuus Workforce and he discovered that Fasta Pasta could use Zuus Workforce to pull together POS sales data, adds them to labour cost figures to calculate performance measures and export that data to their accounting system, Xero.



Rostering benefits

Fel’s QSR background meant that he understood the importance of rostering, and knew that as a group, the organisation was ‘doing an ordinary job’ using ‘seat of the pants’ rostering.

“The way we approached rostering was very approximate – I need 2 people tonight, 3 people tomorrow night.”

“Managers would use the same roster from one week to the next, and broadly rostering wasn’t managed carefully.”

Zuus Workforce became the centre piece of the information flows in Fasta Pasta. Zuus harvests all sales and transaction data hourly from Ordermate, and displays this against next week’s roster allowing the managers to roster to sales demand and ensure they meet their targets. Cumulative sales data is also displayed against hours worked for today – giving managers a view of their labour cost percentage for the day, as it happens. The information also flows from Zuus Workforce to other systems such as Xero accounting and payroll.



Payroll benefits

One of the areas in which this cultural change of timeliness and accuracy has made the biggest impact and generated significant savings is the payroll process. A payroll run for Fasta Pasta’s 300 staff used to take four days. One person worked full time just to process payroll and deal with the many errors and corrections. With Fasta Pastaâ’s pay week ending on Sunday, the payroll team were hard-pressed to get payroll completed and all errors fixed by 5pm on Thursday.


Now, utilising the Zuus Workforce integration with Xero it is taking less than a day! That is a massive 3 days wage cost savings, not to mention the huge reduction in frustration and a lot less errors.

The old process looked like this:


  1. Staff record hours worked in manual time books
  2. Store manager enters staff hours worked from time books to spreadsheet manually
  3. Spreadsheet containing hours worked for each store was emailed to head office
  4. Payroll staff copy and paste hours worked for each individual into a new aggregated payroll spread sheet.
  5. Payroll staff manually calculate hours worked under each classification under each different award/enterprise agreement
  6. Hours worked multiplied by the different pay rates for each classification, including age-based rates for people under 20
  7. Individuals total pay for the week aggregated, then entered into the banking system to actually pay staff.


When the payslips went out there were inevitably questions, corrections and errors due to the very manual nature of their payroll process with so many manual data entry steps, error would naturally creep in. The following three days after payslips went out were spent correcting staff pay packets.


Now using Zuus Workforce:


  1. Staff clock on and off electronically
  2. At the end of each day, store managers use Zuus’ cloud-based Actual interface to compare the rosters with actual hours worked manage any exceptions (eg staff arriving late)
  3. Payroll staff access the cloud-based Zuus payroll web interface and export this data directly to Xero
  4. In Xero Payroll staff double-check hours exported automatically from Zuus Workforce and then process payroll, print payslips, and transfer the money to staff.


The pleasant surprise for Fasta Pasta has been that there’s now much less error and very little rework just from eliminating the manual entry steps.

The Zuus Workforce integration with Xero resulted in significant savings in administration costs. Thanks to Zuus Workforce, payroll for Fasta Pasta’s 300 staff is now over and done with by 4pm on Mondays. Timely and accurate payroll has boosted staff morale and allowed the whole team to focus on more value-adding work, increasing the group’s profitability.



The right support team has been an important factor in Fasta Pasta as they pursue cultural change through integrated cloud based services



Often when companies introduce a new business process, there is a sense of frustration as only a small part of that solution is used. Fel wanted to ensure Fasta Pasta were using every possible feature Zuus Workforce could provide. When examining the full suite of products when rolling Zuus Workforce out, the Fasta Pasta team would often go back to the Zuus Workforce team with suggestions, improvements, and feedback on Zuus Workforce features.


“We’re pretty fanatical about doing things right: if you’re doing a job, do it right.”


Throughout the implementation phase Fel and his management team have worked closely with Zuus Workforce CEO, Rachael Skinner. Fel says, “There are other suppliers that we deal with, but Rachael’s dedication to business and the whole team’s ‘can do attitude’ makes them very special. Zuus Workforce is a great product, what makes it excellent is the leadership behind product.”


The most impressive part for Fel was that, the Zuus team were very tenacious in following up on feedback and strived to make Zuus ‘bulletproof’.

“Selecting the right software is not just about the feature set meeting your needs but it is also about the people behind the product and their ability to assist you in gaining the most out of your solution.”

“As we go through the digital revolution in Fasta Pasta, Zuus Workforce has become a critical part of the exercise. This is because Zuus Workforce integrates with our POS and accounting systems ensuring the digital flow of data; Zuus Workforce allows us to have transparency of workforce management at all levels and helps the Restaurant managers create accurate cost effective rosters; the people behind Zuus Workforce ‘can do’ attitude has ensured Fasta Pasta gain the maximum benefits from their integrated cloud based services.


Rachael Skinner says, “We understand the importance of supporting our clients through the implementation stage, as new software requires process and cultural change. This can be confronting and unsettling for staff. We at Zuus Workforce understand this and ensure we do all we can to minimise this.”

Fel says, “We’re on the road to having much more timely information across the organisation. I call it ‘actionable information’ – information that is timely and accurate, that inspires you to take action.”