I am really excited to announce that Roster with ROSS has evolved into Zuus: Adaptive Workforce Management! When you next log in at www.zuusworkforce.com you will see a new colour scheme and Zuus branding.

We decided to make this change because the product has evolved to be so much more than costed rostering. We felt that it deserved a name that better reflected everything it has to offer – Zuus: Adaptive Workforce Management.

We have timed this rebrand with a very important product milestone. Today we are officially launching our fully featured browser version. When you log in you’ll find rostering, actual approval, full company setup, roster unit settings, job and leave setup as well as a new concept called ‘Brands’. This new concept enables you to add your brand logo and customise your welcome email template per brand, as well as set unit defaults per brand to save time as you add new roster units. Plus you will be able to create new ZuusTime (previously called ROSSo’clock) activation codes yourself.

You’ll now be able to do your entire staff schedule and approve hours worked from your iPad, Android tablet, Microsoft Surface – any device with an internet browser. We have optimized the new interfaces for Google Chrome. You are also able to use the latest version of Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

roster software zuus workforce preview

There are some great new features in the web: setup and configuration – for example you can edit jobs, roster unit settings and leave settings. To do this go to where you currently edit staff and click on ‘Config’

The best thing is this is just the beginning of so many more new cool features.

Here’s to the next chapter!

Kind regards,
Rachael Skinner
CEO & Founder
Zuus – Adaptive Workforce Management