The new Xero API is great for so many reasons:


– Improves authentication processes – only people with right level of authorisation in Xero can export timesheets from Zuus to Xero
– Allows us to provide you with a drop down menu of earnings rates and tracking categories to select from instead of the previous error-prone method of copying and pasting between Xero and Zuus.
– Is going to allow us to integrate more and more common fields. We have already added import of allowances like laundry allowance, and we’re working on importing leave, more personal details fields and even TFN, super and bank account details if you take up ZuusESS Extended!


At Zuus Workforce – we love Xero!


See for more information and a video about our Xero integration.


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Michael loves working with franchisees and franchisors to introduce cool technology. He’s passionate about using data to help managers make great staffing decisions. He loves flying, climbing trees and playing in the snow.


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