Finding that perfect balance of staff to customer numbers is tricky! If you have the right number of staff scheduled you will achieve two critical business goals:1. Exceptional customer service

2. Greatest revenue opportunity


Think about the last time you were clothes shopping. You found the perfect pair of jeans but could not find your size. There didn’t seem to be any staff to help you. If no one comes to help, you walk out. If there was someone right there to ask, “Can I help you?”, grab your size and show you to the fitting room, you are much more likely to buy.

Same thing goes for that long line at the burger shop. If there is just as good a burger shop around the corner that you recall never having lines, you are going to go to that one.

Result – revenue opportunity missed and unsatisfactory customer service.


Customer to staff ratio is often called productivity or Customers Per Labor Hour (CPLH). When creating your staff schedule it is important to get this right. Set your CPLH target, calculate it weekly, daily and hourly. Hourly is the most important. Tracking your hourly CPLH will help you identify where you are missing revenue opportunities or when good customer service is declining. You can then make changes to the number of staff on in this hour to improve both.

Your scheduling solution should do the heavy lifting for you. In the Zuus Workforce you can see when the productivity target is not met – it is bright red. How do we calculate this for you? We bring hourly customer count data in from either your foot traffic counter or your Point of Sales System. Two one-second changes and your staffing level is spot on!