Staff costs are one of the largest costs to any business, especially those in retail, restaurants or the customer service industry. Here at ZUUS Workforce, we understand this and have taken the time to create the Labor Optimization Checklist to enable you to create staff schedules that meet customer demand. To find out if this checklist is for you, keep reading.


This checklist has been created to help area managers and upper management looking for standardized practice across all retail outlets or restaurants in upper management or front line management and looking for direction in increasing labor optimization, then this checklist can help. Download this list and provide it to all your restaurant and retail stores managers. If you 

In this checklist we will look at:

  • PREPARE:  an easy step-by-step guide for creating shift schedules, how to forecast, schedule and optimize for great customer service. It’ll look in detail at the metrics to keep an eye on when scheduling to ensure your weekly labor cost percentage is spot on.
  • ACTION: Ensure labor and customer service stays on track, in real time.
  • REVIEW: Compare your schedule to actual hours and inform improvements to future schedules. We delve a little deeper into what to do if labor costs are higher than expected or if your customer demand is outweighing your labor resources.
  • RED FLAGS: Keep an eye out for potential problem metrics and how to use that information to ensure your schedules are meeting customer demand and capitalizing on revenue opportunities.

ZuusOrg variance reporting provides operations and management with
actionable information for informed decisions.

The ZUUS Org multi-unit variance reporting tool empowers managers to easily access key information to fully optimize labor scheduling. Compare rostered vs actual performance in real time across your entire business, then identify under-performance and take action.