We know that you want to work mobile – from tablets (iPad, Android, etc), from a POS machine, from anywhere. When the next update of Zuus comes out you’ll see the first of some pretty cool changes to Zuus. We’re moving all Zuus functions in three stages to the web browser, instead of our Zuus Windows & Mac apps. Don’t worry – the Zuus Windows & Mac apps will still continue to work!


These changes will happen in three phases over the next six to twelve months.

A message from our CEO Rachael Skinner: “This isn’t just change for change’s sake, we want you guys to be able to work on any device as much as possible. Phase 1 puts more of the Zuus staff details section on the Zuus web interface and moves all availability editing to the web browser. We plan to release Phase 2: Rostering soon, which will allow you to roster in the browser. The reason we’re doing it gradually is so you don’t have to wait for the entire in-browser Zuus system to be finished. By releasing in 3 phases we can roll out tablet-ready parts of the system as soon as it’s ready!