Bottom line: Google Calendar and Excel spreadsheets did not allow Wingtip to react quickly enough to ensure quality of service or manage costs


Wingtip was using a system of Google Calendars and Excel spreadsheets to keep up with scheduling and workflow. They would just trust their gut and try to keep up with how many servers they needed and staff for their shop. This is pretty common but not understanding the data behind peak times can do a lot of damage to your customers and your staff. Especially for a company like Wingtip that sets a high standard for their brand and their staff as providing a luxury with high-quality service. They can’t afford to let things slide. As the company grew and expanded the roles became more complicated.


Ami Arad from Wingtip talks about ZUUS for hospitality & retail businesses


“If anyone had asked us, ‘What are your payroll costs running as a percentage of revenue?’ We would literally have no answer. Now we can schedule to those percentages. Of course, scheduling any staff in the most financially responsible way is something we’ve been working on for years.”

– Ami Arad, Founder & CEO, Wingtip


Controlling labor cost was a major issue in the food & beverage and retail sides of the Wingtip business. The team were using Excel spreadsheets which are large and clunky and didn’t calculate labor cost accurately. The team felt they were ‘flying blind’ when approving actual hours worked because time & attendance wasn’t compared to shift schedules.

During the 30-minute discovery call with their ZUUS Solution Consultant, Ami discovered he didn’t have an answer to the question, “What’s your current labor-to-sales percentage?”


Ami needed to know this vital piece of information, and he needed to know it daily.