We’re proud to present our latest case study detailing our client, Jason Williams’ success using two integrated systems; Zuus Workforce for rosters and Xero for payroll.



Our 24 July 2013 Media Release follows:

Zuus Workforce, developers of Zuus Workforce – a rostering and workforce management software solution for quick service restaurants to help with rosters – has released a tighter integration this week with web-based accounting software provider, Xero.


One franchisee trading as SUBWAY®, Jason Williams, has realised time savings of 8 hours a week from having two tightly integrated rosters and payroll systems for managing staff. Zuus and Xero have helped him to get “off the counters” giving Jason an extra day each week to work on his business and rosters and improve systems in his two restaurants in Lilydale & Moroolbark, Victoria, Australia. Jason has been using Zuus for rosters since November 2012.


Before using Zuus, Jason felt the only way he could save money and achieve his labour cost percentage targets was by cutting back on staff rosters. He’s since realised that to grow sales, he needs to have the right number of staff in place at peak times. With hourly sales and units figures automatically imported from the SUBWAY® point of sale system displayed against the costed rosters hourly, Jason’s manager can produce cost-efficient rosters that are linked closely to sales demand by using the labour cost percentage key performance indicator.



Managers get payroll processing capability with user access levels

Because both Xero and Zuus are web-based, Jason’s manager Ali has his own username and password for access to Zuus, Xero, and online banking. Ali’s normal duties include doing the rosters and approving the actual hours worked. But when Jason goes on holidays, Ali can step in and export hours worked from Zuus to Xero and run payroll without input from Jason. Jason can monitor Ali’s movements in both systems with customised permissions linked to his username & password.


Jason Williams, franchisee trading as SUBWAY®:
“I can use Xero for BAS, Super and Payroll, and having Zuus integrated means there’s no manual data entry, no printing off reports and keying in data.”
“Zuus has streamlined my payroll so much I wouldn’t consider changing to anything else, even a free system.”


Rachael Skinner, CEO of Zuus Workforce Pty Ltd:
“I recommended Jason try Xero after hearing about his frustrating experience working with other accounting software.
“I made a business decision in 2010 to tightly integrate with powerful web-based payroll, accounting and POS systems. Our integration with Xero has helped many of our clients realise significant time and cost savings from having web-based roster systems in place for managing their businesses.”



Zuus reduces compliance costs

Zuus has helped with compliance too, reducing the back-pay that Jason has to pay for predominatlely under-21 staff members on the rosters who receive a pay rise at each birthday. Zuus automatically adjusts each staff member’s pay rate on their birthday and updates the cost on the rosters, and prompts Jason to do the same in Xero.



About Zuus Workforce

For quick service restaurant franchisees looking to optimise their business processes and tighten up their rosters, the tight integration between Xero and Zuus delivers a streamlined workforce management solution. Comprising six cloud-based modules like exporting to payroll of time & attendance data based around a core of efficient and effective rostering, Zuus helps any business with a pool of casual and full-time staff.

Zuus takes into account KPI targets, awards, penalties and staff availability to empower front-line managers to complete rosters on-time and on-budget so they know what their wage costs will be before the week starts form having costed rosters. Payroll staff will love Zuus too, as approved actual hours worked can be exported to many payroll systems. Tens of thousands of staff are on the rosters created by managers in Zuus each week; visit rosterwithross.com

Zuus Workforce was developed by Zuus Workforce Pty Ltd, a South Australian company and G’day USA Innovation Shoot-out San Francisco award winner.