Our client Brendan Olver from New Generation Clothing has had fantastic success with Zuus Workforce, collecting everyone’s availability and with this information, completing rosters until the end of January by the first week of November!

The Australian summer holidays are busy times for hospitality and retail, as people unwind from the year and spend up big on presents and entertainment. Staff in these industries often have to sacrifice time with their families for work.

Brendan Olver, CEO of New Generation Clothing in Bendigo & Ballarat, Victoria, Australia has found a solution that allows staff to plan their lives and get more time with their families over the holidays. The staff log in to Zuus Workforce and request availability and leave events right from within their staff portal.

Staff can also see their rosters as soon as the managers publish them, which means staff can plan ahead for the Christmas and New Year period. Managers have more visibility over staff availability, and so can produce rosters in advance right up to the end of January.


Olver says, “Our main reason for introducing rostering software was to increase store profitability. Managers can’t have an effect on overheads like rent or margin, but they can drive profitability through efficient rostering.”

“During the trial of Zuus Workforce, I did a few example rosters with my area manager highlighting the difference that rostering can make. We found that with just a few small adjustments we can have a significant effect on store profitability.”


New Generation Clothing was established in 1992, and with retail stores in Ballarat and Bendigo Victoria, we are your local fashion centres for the latest styling. At New Gen, we aim to create an amazing customer experience, we love our customers and our business. WE ARE FASHION, and we aim to provide customers with the latest fashions to make them look and feel fantastic. We are a business that is focused on results and continues to grow in reputation and profitability. With friendly staff always ready to assist you, we aim to make the choices easy and your shopping a great experience!

Zuus Workforce is a web-based employee scheduling and rostering system ideal for front-line businesses, including restaurants, hotels, retail and supermarkets. Zuus helps managers create cost-efficient rosters by matching staff shifts to sales demand hour-by-hour using an accurate cost projection.