Imagine you are a staff member filling out their time sheet. It’s late in the day, you’ve finished work and you just want to get home and watch Game of Thrones. You think, “Did I start at 10am today or at 9:30? Hmm. I definitely started at 9:30.” We know it happens, and it’s called time theft, and it’s probably blown your labor budget at some point.

What gets measured gets managed

Time and attendance is important to track. If your managers have budgeted 400 hours for the week, and you don’t track time and attendance, this can easily blow out to 420 or 430 hours once you’ve counted up the manual time sheets. This might be a week or two later! Your manager gets no feedback on that other than verbal feedback from you as a criticism “Your labor budget was out of control last week!” Ooof, that hurts.

Make managers responsible

Introduce an online time clock, or a workforce time clock, and because your manager is responsible for approvals, they are aware of any staff member who tries to take advantage.

The online time clock takes up no space

An online time clock runs on any device, takes up no space, and dramatically reduces time theft. A time clock is typically a tablet computer fastened to the wall with an attached fingerprint scanner. Staff simply walk up to the device, place their finger on the pad, and are clocked on or off. The online time clock records the time and who has clocked in, and syncs with with your workforce management system, ready for approval.

Online time clocks are ideal for many industries

An online time clock and scheduling system is ideal in any industry where:

  1. there are only small margins
  2. labour cost is the only (or 1 of few) levers that can drive profitability
  3. a pool of staff is used to fill shifts that vary as demand fluctuates (customers or product)

Don’t make your staff sit down and fill out a timesheet. Introduce an online time clock so that they can get home and watch that latest Game of Thrones episode!

Josh Bell from Guzman y Gomez in Singapore talks about the Zuus Workforce time clock. (formerly Roster with ROSS)