Have you ever been to a popular restaurant during brunch on a Sunday?  The place is crowded, the staff is overwhelmed, and the experience just falls flat. The food isn’t getting there fast enough, the servers are frantic, we’ve all seen this happen. This is a sign of poor labor deployment.


Labor deployment is the ability to use the correct amount of staff, in the right place, at the right time. It allows you to bring all of your resources into effective action. This means you get the correct staff for the job and you have enough people to make the most profit during peak times and all hours. It’s the right staff at the right time, making your restaurant into a well-oiled machine.


Why You Need It

When you look at a restaurant, there are so many different areas that need to run smoothly for a successful day. Management, BOH, FOH, and everything in between. You need the right staff at the right time for every position, using efficient and effective labor deployment is so necessary.


During peak times if the restaurant is busy, you can’t have service fall flat. Using staffing models can show you where those peak times are and where you might be short-staffed.


Effective deployment can completely change your business. It can make hiring better and allows you to understand what factors into service, employee performances and even customer behavior as well as project anticipated sales and the number or labor hours needed to meet those demands


Staff Scheduling

This doesn’t just mean you need more people during peak hours. It also means you cut back when you don’t need them, so that you aren’t overspending on staff when you aren’t bringing in profits. It’s all about maximizing customer service and revenue opportunities.


Overstaffing can be a difficult problem. If you’re just playing it safe by bringing in too many people and the cost of the staff is drastically outweighing your profits, that is equally detrimental to your restaurant as when you’re understaffed. It’s all about balance.


Look at your team as individuals. What are their best hours? You want to be placing your most experienced employees at the high-impact times and making sure they have the right hours that’s best for them and your restaurant.


Method To The Madness

Often labor deployment is based off of intuition, but managers don’t always have the access to the correct information. You need to be able to analyze your top performing employees, the factors that affect service, the skill sets for the shift, and the peak hours. All of these factors are constantly changing.


Benefits of a good staffing model can reduce cost, increase revenue, and drive profits by balancing demand with available labor. It’s important to remember that as your restaurant grows, the conditions may change and it’s important to keep it updated and pay attention.