Controlling labor cost was a major issue in the food & beverage and retail sides of the Wingtip business. The team were using Excel spreadsheets which are large and clunky and didn’t calculate labor cost accurately. The team felt they were ‘flying blind’ when approving actual hours worked because time & attendance wasn’t compared to schedules.

During the 30-minute discovery call with their ZUUS Solution Consultant, Ami discovered he didn’t have an answer to the question, “What’s your current labor-to-sales percentage?”

Ami needed to know this vital piece of information, and he needed to know it daily.

Ami Arad from Wingtip talks about ZUUS for hospitality & retail businesses


After using ZUUS, Wingtip was able to see exactly what tweaks to service levels were needed. They had no trouble seeing their different shift schedules and being able to physically see if they needed an extra server or bartender. They would find that ideal customer to staff ratio. Most companies use guesswork with workforce scheduling but by using data to balance labor costs with service Wingtip was able to stop guessing and find a system that worked for them and improved the overall experience.

Employees punch in and out with the ZUUStime cloud-connected fingerprint scanner. These punches are approved by the supervisors in ZUUS and then flow across ready for payroll processing inside NetSuite.


Schedules take 30 minutes to produce and come out on time each week and most importantly are under budget.

Before ZUUS Ami didn’t know his labor cost percentage, now he does.

In just over 7 weeks Jesse Potterveld, Wingtip’s Chief of Staff, has dropped the labor cost by 16.25% while sales are up $69,000 over forecast.

What gets measured gets managed. Wingtip proves you can reduce labor costs AND boost sales!

The true investment that Wingtip made with ZUUS was having an easier workflow and understanding their peak times and their needs as a company. While a lot of companies still use outdated methods for scheduling shifts it’s important to be ahead of the curve and use systems to streamline the process.

Wingtip says they’re a mix of modern and traditional. That’s evident in their adaption of labor optimization technology but their commitment to customer service is their traditional sense.