The Fair Work Ombudsman in Australia has recently announced a campaign to target the hospitality industry’s compliance with Australian Award legislation Australia-wide*. There are so many demands on business owners in the hospitality industry that they can find compliance confusing and time-consuming, which can lead to the risk of underpayment of staff.


Zuus Workforce makes compliance easier in five ways:

1. Easy to maintain wage classification tables including automatic age-based rate increases
2. Fingerprint- or PIN-based time & attendance with ZuusTime for accurate records of staff hours worked
3. Approve and send hours worked data to payroll programs divided into classifications based on rules
4. Produce reports that clearly show the staff hours approved for payroll
5. Cloud-based record-keeping backed up on a central server


A Zuus Workforce client needed historical reporting for FairWork Australia. As part of his weekly process, he prints copies of the Zuus actual hours worked report and files it in a folder. When the inevitable Fair Work audit occurred these Zuus records assisted the client in passing the audit.


Another client of Zuus Workforce, a cafe owner, had a staff member approach with a query about their pay rate. He was quickly able to run a report in Zuus of hours worked over the last 3 months, and was able to rectify a small underpayment in one simple transaction, without involving the Fair Work Ombudsman.


Loading in your Fair Work Australia Modern Award or Collective/Enterprise agreement is easy. Simply input your rates into our Payroll Categories feature, and Zuus will help you create and customise the wage tables based on rules. These rules can handle any Fair Work Australia award condition, including allowances. Once the wage table and rules are set up, you simply assign staff to that classification, confident in the knowledge that when a junior staff member has a birthday, they will go up to the correct rate, and that the correct penalty rates apply for each hour of the day. After the roster is created, you can export hours worked split into the different conditions (Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday, after 9pm etc.) ready for payroll.