Wages are one of your biggest costs and often the only cost you can control. Yet very few companies implement the necessary operations software to ensure that they can forecast accurate labor deployment, or measure and monitor wage spend. The end result is often that they get a scary unexpected wage line on their P&L. Management are then left with a sinking ‘what the’, or a ‘where did that come from’ feeling.

High resolution labor reporting

Instead of just one GL entry for wages cost, with the Zuus SuiteApp for NetSuite, you get hours worked and wages cost broken down by cost center (eg any combination of Department, Location, Class, Project/Customer, Project Task, Service item), plus broken down by by role, by hours, by day, by penalty wage rates and by person – giving you incredibly powerful data for reporting, as well as completing payroll and billing. All this information transfers to NetSuite in less than 5 minutes, even with 1000s of staff. This NetSuite integration is why we consistently reduce payroll and billing administration time by 87.5%

“With Zuus Workforce + Infinet Cloud, payroll processing times were reduced significantly while allowing a higher degree of control over the process and data. This also resulted in considerable dollar savings. Infinet Cloud has allowed GYG to cut out the amount of time spent communicating back and forth with the outsourced payroll service and process payroll in a much shorter amount of time with a higher degree of control and accuracy. Infinet Cloud also has capabilities to prepare and submit Superannuation contributions online streamlining this process as well. Due to the complexity of GYG’s payroll, having control of our information and reporting, along with the cost savings, made the switch to ZuusRoss + Infinet Cloud worthwhile.”

– Sofia Ceseña, Financial Controller at Guzman y Gomez

The process from start to finish

Zuus Schedules are very fast to complete. A typical schedule will take a front line manager 5-10 minutes to complete for the week. During the period, the staff clock on and off with Zuus Time, or use Zuus online timesheets and this information flows to the approval step. Approvals & updates of hours worked (we call it ‘doing the actuals’ ready for payroll & billing takes supervisors only 5-10 minutes a day. After approval by the Supervisor the NetSuite billing and/or payroll user can review and hit one button to automatically see all the data in the relevant NetSuite fields.

Penalty wage rates

Zuus does the hard work of figuring out when and what penalty wage rates to apply for you. In the United States we handle the relevant Work Order and State penalty wage rates. For Australian businesses Zuus helps figure out when and what penalty rates to apply from the Fair Work Australia Award or Enterprise agreement you use to pay your staff. This data flows seamlessly to payroll within NetSuite or Infinet Cloud; or if you use an external payroll solution such as ADP or Quickbooks, Zuus can send the high resolution labor cost breakdown to those solutions as well. If you don’t find your payroll solution as an integration on our website, no worries we can spin up a new payroll integration really fast!

Built for NetSuite

Zuus Workforce has the Built for NetSuite tick of approval, meeting NetSuite’s standards and best practices for development. Zuus pulls hourly sales information from NetSuite for forecasting labor deployment, enabling accurate scheduling of employees, and pushes approved hours worked information back into NetSuite for payroll, billing, high resolution labor reporting, and project time tracking. This ensures a seamless user experience between Zuus and NetSuite enabling any relevant NetSuite fields to be utilised and updated automatically. The Zuus NetSuite module provides many benefits, reducing data redundancy, reducing errors, saving administration time and helping to eliminate ‘the spread’, the difference between billing and payroll.

Customers who could use high-resolution labor data in their NetSuite for reporting include:

  • manufacturing customers who need to know the labor cost component of each product
  • security firms who bill out staff hours worked to customers
  • labor hire organisations who bill hours worked separately
  • health not-for-profits and for-profits who invoice services to government agencies
  • retail and restaurant customers who break down labor cost by job (eg management vs crew wage costs)

To get in touch with the Zuus team contact sales@www.zuusworkforce.com.