I recently read an inspiring book by Simon Sinek, called ‘Start with Why’.

Sinek’s book explores the question ‘Why do we do what we do’ and asks questions to help you find your big ‘Why’. He helps us discover what drives and inspires us? Sinek discusses how companies like Apple have maintained a strong sense of ‘Why’.

Knowing your ‘Why’ and sticking to it helps your message resonate with your customers and employees. Sinek’s book has inspired me to shout my ‘Why’ from the rooftops!

Empowering frontline managers with actionable information to balance business goals with staff needs. This is why Zuus Workforce exists.

The Zuus Workforce ‘Why’ straight up:

  • to help Frontline Managers be in control of wage spend and staffing,
  • put actionable information at manager’s fingertips to help them make critical business decisions
  • balance staff hours so they get the number of hours they want when they would like to work.

How did Zuus Workforce Inc’s ‘Why’ come about?

I was lecturing University Statistics when we formed the idea for Zuus Workforce. Jake, our co-founder, was working as an independent system administrator and developer. Jake was working on a programming contract with a SUBWAY franchisee about staff scheduling.

There are so many factors a restaurant manager needs to consider to produce a staff schedule. The staff schedule must come in on budget and take staff availability into account. Keeping track of staff availability is difficult. Staff are juggling many commitments like other jobs, school and family. The manager had to look up historical hourly sales reports to base their sales forecast on. They then used this forecast to figure out how many staff to schedule each hour of the day to meet customer demand. They had to keep looking up their staff availability in their book. Plus they were suppose to calculate the labor cost percentage and productivity too. So many variables affect customer demand. Having to look data up in so many different places meant the managers just could not get it right!

We thought, ‘We can make this easier for the manager, while helping the staff get the shifts they want!’

Solving this problem for managers motivated me to leave academia for a life of business.

Scaling the business

To make sure this opportunity would scale globally we asked lots of questions. How hard did they find scheduling to customer demand? Did staff end up with the shifts they wanted? How long did this take? Did they end up having time to calculate the KPIs like labor cost percentage and productivity? Did they sometimes end up just putting out the same schedule week to week when they ran out of time? Is this a typical problem across the globe? The answers all pointed at yes, it takes a long time, it is hard to meet the targets and staff often complained that they are given shifts they could not work.

So the journey to Zuus Workforce Inc began. From day 1 to today our ‘Why’ has remained core.

Empowering frontline managers with actionable information to balance business goals with staff needs. This is why Zuus Workforce exists.

Zuus makes operations, human resource and payroll people’s workforce management tasks easier. But it all still starts with the Frontline Manager and their staff.

How will we ensure a common ‘Why’ during our expansion?

We now have offices in Australia and the United States with staff in many states. We expect to undergo significant employee growth over the next 18 months. I have been thinking about how we can continue to work for a common ‘Why’. Continue to ensure our staff feel inspired at work everyday! I want to ensure that our ‘Why’ still resonates as we grow. It won’t be one activity, action or speech, it will be a continued effort to keep our ‘Why’ true. This is just one of the many ways I will ensure our sense of ‘Why’ is clear.