The team at Zuus Workforce are super excited to announce that we’re now an official Xero add on!


Text from our 3 December 2013 media release follows:

Zuus Workforce announces today that the Zuus Workforce management and scheduling software is now an official Xero add on.


Zuus Workforce CEO Rachael Skinner says, “This is real time event based integration, meaning you can keep Xero in sync with Zuus right from your browser. There’s no downloading and uploading of files; it all happens between the two systems using Zuus integration with Xero’s partner API.”


“Our development team has spent many hours to make the integration with Xero fast and intuitive. We know customers familiar with Xero will feel right at home in the Zuus payroll interface.”



With the data syncing between the two systems, retail and food & beverage users can:

  • automate payroll
  • sync data between systems seamlessly
  • create staff in either system without duplication
  • link earnings rates in Xero to penalty wage rates in Zuus
  • have wage costs automatically costed to tracking categories
  • no data entry
  • no errors from data entry
  • allocate payroll process to others
  • access anywhere anytime


Mutual Zuus and Xero client Jason Williams, franchisee trading as SUBWAY®, with 2 stores in Victoria, credits the Zuus & Xero integration with giving him back his free time. Williams says, “When I go on holidays, I can simply and easily delegate my payroll to my store manager, Ali. I can see everything Ali has done; I have complete oversight since he has his own logins for Zuus, Xero and internet banking. This means I can relax when I’m spending important time with my family.”


More information is available on the Zuus Workforce website at

For food & beverage and retail operators looking to optimise their business processes, the tight integration between Xero and Zuus delivers a streamlined workforce management solution. Comprising six cloud-based modules based around a core of efficient and effective rostering, Zuus helps any business with a pool of casual and full-time staff.