On September 23 Zuus Workforce announced integration with the world’s largest POS software company, MICROS. MICROS is a leader in food & beverage and retail POS software solutions which made an integration with myMICROS a perfect fit for Zuus Workforce management software. The full text of the media release follows:


Integration with world’s largest POS service adds efficiencies to staff rostering and workforce management


Zuus Workforce, the leader in workforce management systems for Hospitality, Food & Beverage and Retail, has announced integration with MICROS, the world’s largest point of sale (POS) company. Zuus Workforce solves the key challenges for employers in industry sectors that typically employ a pool of casual and full time staff. Zuus Workforce CEO Rachael Skinner says these industries operate a wide range of software systems that are not ‘talking to each other’.


“Most managers run stand-alone software for POS, Excel spreadsheets for rostering, and other software for time & attendance and payroll separately.” Skinner says.


“Zuus solves that problem. Sales figures and time & attendance are imported automatically from MICROS POS software to Zuus, giving managers an easy way to allocate staff, approve hours and make rapid changes in line with sales demand.”

Zuus Workforce incorporates six cloud-based modules that allow managers to produce efficient rosters, approve employee timesheets, and export to payroll such as Xero, QuickBooks or Reckon, MYOB and others.

“The Zuus Workforce system is all about getting the right people, in the right place, at the right time,” Skinner adds.

“Zuus takes into account KPI targets, awards, penalties and staff availability to empower your front-line managers to complete rosters on-time and on-budget so you know what your wage costs will be before the week starts.”


MICROS services half a million businesses across 180 countries in industries as diverse as retail, leisure & entertainment, fuel and convenience, cruise and travel (http://www.micros.com/Solutions/FoodAndBeverage/Food+and+Beverage.htm).


Shane Lewis, franchisee trading as The Coffee Club in Newcastle, Australia, uses the MICROS POS software integration to display sales against a costed roster & employee schedule. For more information see http://www.newsmaker.com.au/news/27642/the-coffee-club-franchisee-focuses-on-numbers-comes-out-ahead…



Update: Rachael Skinner, CEO, Zuus Workforce, meets with Mike Russo, CTO, MICROS Systems Inc at the National Retail Association convention in Chicago, May 2014.

Mike Russo, CTO, MICROS Inc, shows Rachael Skinner, CEO, Roster with ROSS, new MICROS features
Mike Russo, CTO, MICROS Systems Inc, shows Rachael Skinner, CEO, Zuus Workforce, new MICROS POS features