micros integration

netsuite integration

world manager integration

MICROS provides integrated, end-to-end solutions to the hospitality and retail industries. All our solutions, including integrated front office, back office, central and web-based solutions, are designed to optimize and streamline workflows, improve customer service, and increase the bottom line. We invest heavily in the development of new interfaces to enable direct interaction and communication with the guest through several channels, such as apps, internet, IPTV, call centers and kiosks.

Zuus has an innovative integration with the mymicros business intelligence suite that populates both Rosters and Actuals in Zuus with up-to-date hourly sales information from myMicros/Simphony, enabling live KPI tracking. This eliminates data entry errors and inconsistent forecasts.

One unified business management suite, encompassing ERP / financials, CRM and ecommerce and named by Gartner as the world’s fastest growing financial management system with more than 20,000 global organizations.

The real-time, event-based integration between Zuus and NetSuite syncs staff data, creates links with wage data, and populates hours worked and leave directly in to NetSuite. Data entry errors are reduced to zero.

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World Manager is the fastest growing communications provider in the corporate cloud, offering suites for operations, human resources, training and communications with unprecedented reporting capabilities to manage your business.

Zuus integration with World Manager ensures your staff have a smooth onboarding process and a great first impression. With our integration staff hired through World Manager are automatically issued & emailed login details for Zuus, where they can enter all their personal & financial details. This ensures when they arrive at work for their first shift, they have already completed their induction training in World Manager  and entered their payroll & HR data into Zuus. Everyone is aware that the person is on-site, and the person even receives a PIN to clock on to time & attendance. New staff arrive at work 100% ready to go!

infinet cloud integration

ncr integration

paycor integration

Infinet Cloud Solutions are developers of Cloud Payroll and Cloud HR for Australia, New Zealand, UK, Singapore and beyond. Infinet Cloud are one of the leading NetSuite Partners in Asia Pacific, specialising in Australasian and European focused business solutions.

The flag ship product ICS Payroll is now the de-facto standard for companies using NetSuite and JCurve, and is rapidly establishing itself as a flexible, extensible alternative to traditional on-premise payroll products. Extend your Human Capital Management even further with Infinet Cloud HR now available.

Infinet Cloud’s apps sit within NetSuite and process payroll. Zuus syncs staff data and populates Infinet Cloud’s apps with hours worked data, including managing hours worked by Departments, Locations and Classes.

We are NCR, a global tech company—and we run the everyday transactions that make your life easier. We’re the world leader in consumer transaction technologies, turning everyday interactions with businesses into exceptional experiences. With our software, hardware and portfolio of services, we make nearly 550 million transactions possible every day.

Pulling sales data and transaction data from NCR automated hourly sales reports allows users of NCR’s Point of Sale software to eliminate data entry and add accurate forecasting to their rosters. Besides accurate forecasting, actual sales figures are matched with approved actuals, generating a full variance report, hour-by-hour throughout the day.

Paycor meets the unique needs of franchises by providing intuitive HR, payroll and timekeeping applications that maximize franchise efficiency and profitability while providing visibility into important labor metrics.  Paycor provides a dedicated franchise service team who understand the unique needs of your franchise business.

The ZUUS Workforce & Paycor partnership works for franchisees and small business owners. No more paper or excel schedules or timesheets! This is a true a paperless payroll process. Supervisors approve hours worked in ZUUS ready for payroll. Head office exports these hours to Paycor and runs payroll.

Working with the Paycor team in 2016 we will enhance the integration. Syncing of changes to employee information will cut out data entry. A seamless sync for hours worked from ZUUS to Paycor will speed up the payroll process even further.

  MacromatiX integration

experian integration

Revel integration

The MacromatiX Retail Operating System is a specialized cloud based Retail Solution. A market leading product that provides value to both head office and store through reduced costs and increased productivity. MacromatiX is a global company with deployments in the USA, Australia, China and Europe and a management team that has a proven track record of providing exceptional levels of technical solutions and customer support and service.

Our integration with MacromatiX pulls sales and transaction count/unit information in to display against rosters as a forecast automatically without any associated data entry errors.

Experian FootFall helps retailers and shopping centres to increase revenue and profitability by analysing what goes on in retail sites. Zuus can display Experian data against the schedule, ensuring managers have the information to optimise the staff to customer ratio for each hour of every day.

Zuus pulls footfall count information from Experian Footfall and displays these counts against the roster, allowing calculation of customer to staff ratio and conversion rate, both forecased and actual performance, within Zuus.

Revel Systems provides an iPad POS solution that gives retailers, grocery stores, restaurants and other enterprises the ability to take orders, process payments, analyze sales and track inventory across several locations. The company’s POS technology platform merges light-weight POS clients, state-of-the art data replication and redundancy, industry-leading security solutions, enterprise-level data analytics and reporting, customer- centric scalability and feature customization, cloud-based data storage, and remote software push capabilities to produce the best POS solution available in the industry.

Zuus pulls data from Revel’s web-based back end without any data entry errors. Sales and transaction count information is displayed against the roster for accurate forecasting and updating rosters to actual performance. See planned performance against actual performance, in terms of both labour cost and sales.

ordermate integration

sage micropay integration

xero integration

OrderMate ensures an easy to use front-end Point of Sale solution. With functionality to manage rostering and labour costings as well as time and attendance monitoring with fingerprint technology. In addition to integrated EFTPOS, kitchen touch screen, menu management, customer loyalty, direct marketing capacity and online ordering.

The integration with Ordermate pulls sales and cover count data to display against the roster and Actuals, enabling accurate forecasting without the data entry errors. Zuus can also pull time and attendance (clock-in and clock-outs) from Ordermate to allow managers to updating and approve hours worked ready for export to payroll.

Sage MicrOpay are one of Australia’s leading suppliers of payroll software, services and integrated staff management solutions. For over 25 years, Sage MicrOpay has provided payroll and human resource solutions for organisations in all types of industries. Whether you are a small, medium or large business, Sage can meet all your payroll management needs.

With our time-saving integration with Sage MicroPay, Zuus can populate MicroPay with hours worked under various award conditions, including leave types, eliminating data entry errors and saving time.

Online accounting – See your cashflow in real-time. Just login anytime, anywhere.

Bank reconciliation – Automatically import and code your bank transactions.

Invoicing – Create and send invoices automatically & get paid online.

Zuus integration with Xero eliminates data entry errors by enabling in-browser syncing of staff to/from Xero, export of hours worked by conditions (Saturday, Sunday, After 9pm et al…) into Timesheets in Xero, and linking of Zuus conditions to earnings rates in Xero. This enables automatic calculation of hours by penalty and allowances, including age-based rates.

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impos integration

Idealpos integration

WageEasy integration

ImPOS are specialists in Hospitality Point of Sale. This is critical to your dealings with ImPOS as it takes a passionate team of individuals to develop, implement and support your point of sale system.

ImPOS have are a tight team that have all shared in the success from their humble beginnings with just a handful of local bars and clubs to now an impressive vast array of national and international clients. No venue is too big or too small for ImPOS.

ImPOS publishes hourly sales and transaction data which are imported in to Zuus to display against rosters and actuals, allowing monitoring of actual performance against forecasts.

Idealpos have been producing stock control Point of Sale software for over 16 years, predominately for the hospitality industry. Roughly every 2 years we release a new major version of the software incorporating a lot of new features, design changes and product updates. Over this time the hardware and industries we service have changed significantly, which requires constant updating of software to keep up with market trends.

The Idealpos software contains information about hourly sales and transaction counts, both of which are imported into Zuus and displayed against rosters, allowing accurate forecasting of labour requirements and monitoring of actual performance and eliminating data entry errors.

Wage Easy has been developing payroll software for over 20 years and it is currently used by over 3000 businesses in Australia, New Zealand and throughout the Pacific Islands. Wage Easy is a dedicated payroll & HR program that integrates with Zuus, it’s intuitive, easy to use and can manage complex award and EBA interpretation. Wage Easy is extremely flexible and it’s used in a wide range of sectors including retail, hospitality, medical/health care, not for profit, construction and manufacturing.

Exporting actual approved hours worked in a WageEasy format allows payroll managers to eliminate data entry and associated data entry errors. Minimise the time spent on data entry and correction of payroll by exporting staff hours worked split into award conditions by Zuus. Once your timesheets are finalised in Zuus you simply import those timesheets into Wage Easy and in a matter of seconds it will automatically calculate any overtime, weekend rates, shift penalties, loadings and allowances the employees are entitled too in accordance with your Award or EBA.


swiftpos integration

myob integration

summa integration

SwiftPOS Point of Sale Software is a comprehensive point of sale system that can be scaled to meet the needs of any type of hospitality or retail operation. Designed to suit Restaurants, Cafe’s, Bars, Clubs, Hotels, Bottle Shops, Quick Service and Retail in single store/multi-store/franchise environments.

Zuus displays sales and transaction count information from SwiftPOS against rosters, allowing accurate forecasting and comparison of actual performance without any data entry errors. As with all of our POS integrations, SwiftPOS data is imported automatically without any manual steps.

The Zuus team have written and implemented an extensive integration with MYOB Version 19.x. After version 19.x MYOB have removed ODBC linking meaning there is no way for third party applications such as Zuus to integrate with any versions after MYOB 19.

The time-saving integration with MYOB exports hours worked into the timesheets section of MYOB 19.x, split into different payrates for the varying conditions in enterprise agreements and awards.

Summa automatically connects to your Point of Sale and other business systems such as inventory management, staff rosters, social media accounts and more. The data is automatically analysed for you and the results are presented in a clear and simple dashboard format on our secure website.

SummaBI presents sales data and transaction counts ready for Zuus to import to display against the rosters, cutting data entry out completely. Sales and customer counts appear against the roster hourly, and actual figures are imported to tell managers how they went against their plan.

ipos integration

task manager integration

Imagetec’s iPOS Point Of Sale system is ideal for Fast Service Food stores, Food Courts, Pubs, & Clubs.

Zuus pulls hourly sales and unit data from iPOS. In a pizza service location, hourly sales and pizzas sold are displayed against the roster for forecasting and accurate rostering purposes. In other types of locations, this units figure can be ‘covers’ or just ‘transactions’.

Task-Manager is a suite of Software Modules that manages the back office functions and links the Point of Sale Terminals together to create a total POS solution with export options to General Ledger, Creditors and Payroll packages.

Zuus can pull sales and transaction count data from Task Manager to display against both Actuals and Rosters, allowing accurate forecasting and updating of actual performance without data entry errors.