Our tech partnerships deliver insights and efficiencies to your business.

The ZUUS-Paycor partnership delivers full employee life-cycle integration. From onboarding to scheduling to payroll, ZUUS + Paycor enables organizations to hire quickly, manage labor profitably, and give employees an outstanding experience. The sync enables... Read more


ZUUS is a certified Built For NetSuite solution listed in the store. The real-time event-based integration with NetSuite means data syncs immediately between the two... 
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ZUUS has an innovative integration with the business intelligence suite. ZUUS harvests sales, transactions and time & attendance from MICROS every 15 minutes.
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NCR Aloha

ZUUS harvests sales, guest counts, and time & attendance from NCR’s Aloha Insight reporting suite. The innovative integration means managers always have access to accurate and...
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ZUUS pulls customer demand data in the form of sales & transactions from Revel’s API. This automatic integration keeps forecasts up to date and enables accurate performance reporting on...
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The integration with Ordermate pulls sales and covers or transactions data. This data is used for accurate forecasting against schedules and for performance reporting.
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Subway Iive IQ

The integration with SUBWAY LiveIQ gives franchisees an enhanced alternative to the LiveIQ scheduling module. The ZUUS link with LiveIQ provides store managers accurate...
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ImPOS publishes hourly sales and transaction data which are imported by ZUUS. This data displays against schedules and actuals, enabling accurate sales forecasts and...
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The IdealPOS software contains information about hourly sales and transaction counts, both of which are imported into Zuus and displayed against schedules.
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Task Manager

ZUUS pulls sales and transaction count data from Task Manager Retail Reporting Suite to give managers accurate forecasts of customer demand.
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Image Tech iPOS

ZUUS pulls hourly sales and unit data from iPOS. In a pizza service location, ZUUS pulls hourly sales and pizzas sold which are displayed against the schedule for forecasting and...
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The ZUUS integration with AddictivePOS pulls hourly sales and transactions into ZUUS for accurate forecasts and hourly tracking of labor metrics like labor-to-sales and...
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Vend is point-of-sale package which runs in your web browser. Together with ZUUS, effectively manage your spread of staff shifts with sales & transactions importing - giving you accurate...
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Infinet clout

For customers outside of the United States, Infinet Cloud’s apps sit within NetSuite to process payroll. ZUUS syncs staff data and populates Infinet Cloud’s custom NetSuite fields...
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The ZUUS integration with Xero eliminates data entry errors from payroll by enabling in-browser syncing of staff to/from Xero, export of hours worked by conditions (Saturday...
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Sage MircOpay

The ZUUS integration with Sage MicroPay gives small and medium businesses on the Sage platform a paperless process for populating hours worked into Sage MicroPay for...
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The time-saving integration with MYOB exports hours worked into the timesheets section of MYOB 19.x, split into different pay rates for the varying conditions in enterprise agreements...
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Wage Easy

Exporting approved hours worked in a WageEasy format enables payroll managers to eliminate data entry and associated data entry errors. Minimize the time spent on fixing mistakes by...
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The KeyPay-ZUUS integration gives customers who use KeyPay the ability to eliminate data entry of timesheets from their payroll process. Managers or supervisors manage any exceptions...
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Preceda Payroll

The ZUUS integration with Preceda payroll gives customers the ability to eliminate data entry from the payroll process. ZUUS exports hours worked per employee split by...
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World Manager

The ZUUS-World Manager partnership gives your managers access to a 5th suite – a scheduling suite including shift drops & swaps – from within World Manager. Through Single...
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ZUUS integrates with the Experian FootFall product to pull customer count information. This gives retail location managers insight into customer flow throughout each hour...
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ZUUS integrates with the BrickStream product and the Beonic platform to harvest accurate customer counts for retail locations. This enables managers to match staff on the floor with...
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