Labor TraX is time and attendance management plus a productivity scorecard. Time and attendance is all about recording your people’s shift start and finish times against what they were scheduled. Punch data flows from the cloud-based time & attendance portion of the myZUUS mobile workforce management app for Android and iOS, and the fixed-in-place and cloud-based ZUUStime app.

Labor TraX punch data is placed alongside the employees’ scheduled shifts on an easy-to-read workforce management approvals screen. The approvals screen in Labor TraX gives a manager an easy way to see who punched in and out accurately and who didn’t. Part of Labor Trax is the concept of Automatch, which looks at each punch and compares it with the scheduled shift. If the employee has punched in and out accurately within a grace period, for example 10 minutes, the shift will be automatically approved. Any exceptions to this grace period are highlighted for more attention. A manager can make a decision to just approve all punches or check for approved overtime.

The productivity scorecard shows a manager labor unders or overs alongside their targets for the day and week. As they approve time & attendance each day their numbers are updated and displayed against their targets.


A common cause of stores blowing labor targets and becoming unprofitable is wage creep. This happens when managers allow employees to work more than their scheduled hours. Often this isn’t picked up until the profit & loss reports are produced the following month – 6 weeks to late to do anything about it! With the ZUUS Labor TraX workforce management productivity scorecard, managers can immediately see this wage creep and do something about it quickly – the very next day. Labor TraX helps your managers run a more profitable store through clear expectations, excellent data flow, and outstanding information on targets vs actual performance.

Labor TraX also helps highlight managers who are proactive and should be promoted to the next leve. Labor TraX workforce management helps managers ensure that employees are working to their scheduled hours – a common cause of wage creep. ZUUS helps identify those managers who need more coaching because they have a large variance between scheduled and actual hours.


ZUUSTime records time and attendance through a mobile app with geotagging or on-site tablets. At any time, you can make proactive decisions by comparing staff schedules to what actually happened. ZUUStime records time & attendance punch data. There are 2 flexible options to track time: an iOS and Android mobile app with geotagging on each employee’s phone, and an iOS and Android app for tablets.

The workforce management approvals screen, Labor TraX, allows you to adjust labor in real time, keeping your magic number on target and your profits on track. Traditionally managers wait for a report at end-of-day, or worse, end-of-month to discover any cost overruns or sales shortfalls. Using the ZUUS workforce management Labor TraX tool managers can check up on their progress throughout the day and adjust labor to expected revenue. If weather is affecting sales the manager can make an adjustment to labor in the middle of a shift. This means store profitability is always top of mind.

In your day-to-day operations, it’s vital to keep track of how your labor metrics are tracking against your business goals. ZUUS workforce management means your managers are provided with instant feedback on their team’s performance at a daily, weekly, and monthly level. Labor TraX gives everyone in the organization a clear idea of how you’re performing.