Schedule Smart

Calibrate your labor model with the ZUUS suite of functions.


AdaptX™ harvests sales and customer counts from your point of sale system.  This data is used to create accurate forecasts. AdaptX™ you can build a flexible labor model that tells you how many staff you need every 15 minutes of every day.

Labor OptiX™

Labor OptiX™ lets you easily see where you are under or over staffing with a graphical display of labor versus customer demand.  In an intuitive, dynamic interface, it’s easy to create, edit, and reassign shifts with a click.

MetriX Pro™

On the MetriX Pro™ dashboard, labor metrics are updated on the fly as you adjust the schedule.  See daily and weekly stats: forecast sales, labor cost percentages, sales per labor hour, customer counts, and store targets.

Staff Xchange™

Staff Xchange™ allows you and your employees to access and interact with multiple schedules.  Staff can request availability changes, swap shifts, and work across multiple locations.  Quickly fill call offs and no-call-no-shows.  Eliminate double scheduling and unexpected overtime.

Labor TraX™

Labor TraX™ is ZUUSTime™ plus a productivity scorecard.  ZUUSTime™ records time and attendance through a mobile app with geotagging, biometrics, or on-site tablets.  At any time, you can make proactive decisions by comparing staff schedules to what actually happened.


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