The myZUUS app gives your managers and employees powerful new ways to interact with each other and their work. Through the combination of availability and MyZUUS you eliminate the most time consuming part of scheduling – managing swaps and trades. MyZUUS also unlocks powerful time & attendance features to help mobile employees manage their work times. No more paper timesheets!


Shift swaps happen every day in restaurants, retail stores, health and security. MyZUUS gives your managers the power to approve or deny swaps in real time. Two employees will agree to trade shifts, with controls in place to prevent cost overruns and overtime.  Once agreed, your managers have full control over whether to approve or deny the shift swap.


Push notifications keep your employees and managers up to date with schedule changes. Whenever a shift is released myZUUS will notify all employees who could pick up that shift, providing they are:

  • Available
  • Not already working
  • Can do the same job
  • Is of the same or lower hourly rate
  • Not in overtime.

Imagine you’re an hourly employee sitting around at 5pm on a Saturday night playing video games. You’ve got your phone next to you and it buzzes regularly with notifications from Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. Then a buzz goes off alerting you to a shift that’s available. Instead of a phone call coming in from your manager that you’re likely to dodge, a simple notification with a yes/no response comes up, “A shift is available starting at 6pm.” myZUUS is a low-friction way for hourly employees to pick up extra shifts – fastest fingers first!

Empower your employees to manage their own time with the myZUUS time & attendance features. To give a boost to trust in your workplace every punch in and punch out is geo-tagged. You’ll know if your employees were on-site for a punch or if they were elsewhere. The myZUUS time & attendance features are designed to help you have conversations with your employees if you see missed punches or missed geo-flags regularly.


To keep up-to-date with who’s on shift myZUUS gives managers a view of what’s happening today. With myZUUS managers can see scheduled shifts, who’s punched in, who was on site for their punches, and who’s on a break or on lunch.