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Employee scheduling, workforce management and time & attendance for NetSuite

Ideal for retail, restaurants or hospitality businesses with multiple locations who need employee scheduling to reduce labour costs and secure time & attendance
Yogurtland has experienced fast growth. Implementing Zuus right from day 1 has been essential to quickly and effectively standardise our operational procedures across franchised and corporate units.

Theo Koutrodimos

Chief Operating Officer Yogurtland Australia
Zuus allows us to focus on growing our business because all our workforce management issues are under control. Zuus speeds up our payroll process by 80%.

We’ve reduced our labour cost percentage across all our stores by 3-5%.


Robert Hazan

Founder & CFO Guzman y Gomez™
Zuus gives us a powerful workforce management solution even though our managers only have space for a small tablet. Staff clock on and off, managers do the rostering and approvals all on the one device.

Zuus works for us because it provides benefits across our corporate outlets providing easy integration into our payroll system.


Christine Hunter

National Franchise Support & Company Asset Manager Foodco Group
We’re on the road to having much more timely information across the organisation. I call it ‘actionable information’ – information that is timely and accurate, that inspires you to take action. As we go through the digital revolution in Fasta Pasta, Zuus has become a critical part of the exercise.

Fel Bevacqua

General Manager Fasta Pasta Corporation

Scheduling for any business with a pool of staff

Roster templates, roster software designed for businesses with a pool of staff to choose from. Real-time browser-based NetSuite integration

For front line managers balancing the need to ensure customers aren’t waiting in long lines with the risk of over-staffing and losing money is a big challenge. Managers have a pool of staff to choose from when scheduling.

When producing an efficient schedule managers have to consider information about sales demand, availability, wage costs, job skills, compliance requirements and budgets. ZUUS takes all these data points and presents them so that the manager can make critical business decisions about staffing levels.

ZUUS is the centre piece of your workforce management plan. Comprising four cloud-based modules like time & attendance, payroll and POS integration and Human Resource Management based around a core of efficient and effective scheduling, ZUUS helps any business with a pool of hourly and salaried staff. ZUUS takes into account KPI targets, awards & penalty rates and staff availability to empower your front-line managers to complete schedules on-time and on-budget so you know your wage costs before the week starts. NetSuite clients benefit from a full integration, which keeps in sync employee data, leave, and hours worked. Eliminate data entry and streamline the payroll process, save money with costed scheduling, and reduce time theft with biometric time & attendance.

Costed Scheduling

ZUUS helps managers create cost-efficient schedules by calculating wage costs, presenting labour cost data and calculating performance measures automatically. Sales data, automatically imported from Point of Sale, guides the manager to create cost-effective schedules that hit your KPI targets every week.

Time & attendance

Eliminate messy paper-based timesheets and data entry by automatically matching scheduled shifts with clock in and out times. Biometric or PIN-based time & attendance, with flexible solutions designed for retail and hospitality environments. Or simply have staff log in to their staff portal on their smartphone and add online timesheets to be automatically matched and approved by managers.

Labor variance reporting

Monitor variances between projected KPIs from the schedule and actual performance for every group of workers. Tag similar venues with different attributes and compare performance like-for-like across multiple venues. Determine the productivity and cost-effectiveness of different groups of workers across all locations. Supervise franchised locations without jeopardising privacy.

Electronic onboarding

On-board new employees online without paper forms. Set new staff up with a log in to ZUUS in 30 seconds and have them input personal details, emergency contacts, financial information including Tax File Number, superannuation details and bank account details, availability and leave, online, from anywhere. This data all syncs automatically to the corresponding NetSuite/Infinet fields.

Point of Sale integration

Pull high-resolution sales information from NetSuite & NetSuite POS, MICROS, Revel, NCR & more POS systems automatically, enabling super-accurate costed rostering against sales. Sales and wage data are used to calculate KPIs and is displayed against the schedules to inform management decisions around demand and staffing levels for each 15-minute, 30-minute, or hourly period of every day.

Infinet Cloud/NetSuite integration

Securely link ZUUS with NetSuite & Infinet Cloud to share staff data including personal details, emergency contacts, leave, tax and and financial data. Linking systems eliminates data entry from the payroll process as approved hours worked and leave are synced with NetSuite/Infinet Cloud.

Yes, ZUUS automatically:

  • calculates overtime & penalty rates
  • imports hours into pay component sub types
  • syncs staff details
  • syncs approved leave & holidays
  • breaks wage costs down to multiple cost centres
  • automates payroll
  • syncs data across both systems
  • removes data entry steps
  • removes errors from data entry
  • integrates into departments, locations, classes, projects, tasks and service items

Employee scheduling with ZUUS

Create a schedule from scratch with Zuus


No call, no show? Find a replacement, fast!


Time & Attendance with ZUUS

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Approving Timesheets Ready for Payroll