World Manager

The ZUUS-World Manager partnership gives your managers access to a 5th suite – a scheduling suite including shift drops & swaps – from within World Manager. Through Single Sign On, employees and managers experience a seamless onboarding process. Staff hired through World Manager are automatically created in ZUUS where they can enter all their personal & financial details and see their schedule and swap & drop shifts. When new employees arrive for their first shift everyone is aware that the person is on-site, and the person even receives a PIN to clock on to time & attendance. New staff arrive at work 100% ready to go!


North American Office
1490 Lafayette St Suite 306
Denver CO 80218
United States
(720) 613-9782

Asia Pacific Office
Upper Level, 7 MAB Eastern Promenade
Tonsley SA 5042
+61 8 6001 6383

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