If you want to use a biometric (fingerprint) scanner, there are two makes of USB scanners that are compatible:

  • Futronic FS88 (preferred)
  • Digital Persona U4500/U5500 drivers

Staff can enroll all 10 fingers, however it is not recommended to enroll thumbs – because thumbs are so broad they are notoriously difficult to read. Manager-level approval is required to enroll new fingerprints.


Biometric Troubleshooting

  • Not reading a finger
    1. Ensure the entire face of the finger is placed on the scanner. Start with the first knuckle on the edge and then lay your finger on the scanner glass screen.
    2. Ensure the finger isn’t too dry. Place the finger to be scanned between thumb and forefinger and gently rub once or twice.
    3. We recommend enrolling at least 2-3 fingers per staff member, if one finger is not being read correctly, they can try their other fingers too

ZuusTime for Windows with a USB Futronic scanner

Step 1: Download & install the Futronic scanner drivers


Step 2: Download & install ZUUStime for Windows


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