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Your Customers Come First

Zuus Dynamic Scheduling™ helps managers ensure their customers always receive the best service.

Your Customers Come First

Zuus Dynamic Scheduling™ helps managers ensure their customers always receive the best service.

Employee Schedule Template

Employee Schedule Template

Finding an employee schedule template that delivers on its promises is not as easy as it sounds. If you’ve already tried one or more scheduling apps but have found they weren’t up to your standards, consider having a look at Zuus Dynamic Scheduling. With powerful functions that put your customers first and considers your employees’ needs at its core, Zuus is intelligent technology that can empower you to create smarter schedules that just work better.

Zuus’ innovators created their software with your customers’ experience at the heart of every feature. They’re aware your customers matter most in all that you do. That said, the needs of your employees must run a close second, to ensure you’re not experiencing a high rate of turnover due to poor scheduling. Zuus offers solutions to any scheduling issues you’re currently facing and delivers powerful data that can be accessed in real time as you build your schedule week after week- take a look:


This amazing tool takes your past sales and customer counts and compares them with your point of sale system to create accurate forecasts on how to staff specific times of your work day. With AdaptX, you can build a labor model that actually informs you how many employees you need to schedule every 15 minutes of the day to meet the needs of projected customer counts. For your customers, this is huge; it means they’ll have a better experience visiting your place of business, regardless of that industry you happen to be in.

Labor OptiX

Unless you’re currently employing an intelligent employee schedule template, you’re losing money due to over and under-staffing. Labor OptiX shows you where this is happening through a graphical display that shows ‘labor vs. customer demand’ in a way that will truly empower you to eliminate this costly mistake. Using the Zuus interface, you can create, reassign and edit shifts as easily as a single click. Zuus’ creators know that seeing is believing for business managers- be more empowered by what you see.

MetriX Pro

You won’t find another employee schedule template that offers MetriX Pro- that’s because it’s exclusive to Zuus Dynamic Scheduling. Metrix Pro allows real-time updates on your dashboard as you have access to forecast sales, labor cost percentages, store targets, customer counts and more. See daily and weekly statistics and adjust your schedule with instant effects.

Staff Xchange

Here’s where your employees get the chance to make their voices heard and feel more like they are a part of the business. Staff Xchange gives you and your employees access to the employee schedule template to request changes in an already-completed schedule, manage shift swapping or access multiple location schedules. Call offs and no-shows are more easily managed as employees can step in and fill in a time slot when necessary.

Eliminate all the difficulties you currently face with your employee schedule template and let Zuus empower you, through use of affordable, smart technology that means less of your time is spent working on schedules during your time off. Check out Zuus for free online by requesting a demo or download the complete Zuus guide to learn more.

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Employee Schedule Template Employee Schedule Template


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