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Your Customers Come First

Zuus Dynamic Scheduling™ helps managers ensure their customers always receive the best service.

Your Customers Come First

Zuus Dynamic Scheduling™ helps managers ensure their customers always receive the best service.

Online Scheduling Software

Online Scheduling Software

Regardless of the industry you happen to work in, an online schedule software app can turn scheduling nightmares into manageable tasks, so you can spend more of your free time doing what you love to do, instead of sitting in front of your work schedule. If you’re not satisfied with your current employee scheduling app, we invite you to see why more managers love Zuus.

Zuus Dynamic Scheduling works across all industries with powerful features and innovative technology that can positively impact the bottom line of any business. If over or under-staffing is creating a poor customer experience, employee call offs and no-shows are leaving you scrambling for last minute fill-ins, or you’re just left feeling powerless week after week, Zuus can help.

Zuus is a powerful restaurant employee scheduling app and can ensure that your guests are experiencing an enjoyable time while dining at your establishment. If you run a restaurant, you know how difficult it can be to ensure your busy times are efficiently staffed. That’s where Zuus’ AdaptX online scheduling software can really come into play. AdaptX compares your previous sales and customer counts with your point of sale system to predict when you’ll require additional or less staffing. You’ll save money by having the right number of employees on staff at crucial times of the day.

Do you manage a business in the hospitality industry? Put the power of Zuus to work for your company to ensure there’s enough staff in every area of your business without worrying about over-staffing. The myZuus mobile app allows your employees to clock on via their mobile devices; all clock-ins are geo-confirmed so you can verify each associate is on-site for their shift. Innovative Push notifications will alert you when open shifts haven’t been filled in or when employees have not clicked in. Zuus eliminates the need for time sheets that waste more time than they save.

More and more senior care facilities are turning to Zuus for maintaining schedule fluidity that results in efficient medication, assistance and attention to patients. Enjoy a greater level of control over scheduling changes and requests to better meet the needs of employees and patients. Saving time means more time can be spent in caring for your patients. Check out Zuus’ online scheduling software app online to learn more.

The quick-service food industry is looking to Zuus to solve their scheduling problems as well. Zuus can help you better forecast the number of customers, burgers, checks, covers, sandwiches and meals in a dynamic way that will result in a better customer experience with less effort on the part of your staff.

Gain the Zuus advantage; request a free demo of Zuus by clicking on the ‘Request Demo’ button on the top right of any page or download the complete guide to learn more about how Zuus can help you gain more control over your scheduling issues. No other online scheduling software offers more intelligent features. Wherever people are served- Zuus can help.

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Online Scheduling Software Online Scheduling Software


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