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Your Customers Come First

Zuus Dynamic Scheduling™ helps managers ensure their customers always receive the best service.

Your Customers Come First

Zuus Dynamic Scheduling™ helps managers ensure their customers always receive the best service.

Scheduling App

Scheduling App

Are you looking for a powerful scheduling app that will help you create the best schedules you’ve ever made? Count on Zuus Dynamic Scheduling for functionality at your fingertips. Packed with innovative new features that no business manager can do without, Zuus does a lot more than just create schedules that positively impact your bottom line- Zuus can ensure you’re spending more of your free time doing what you love to do.

Regardless of the industry you work in, you have probably noticed times when your place of business was over or under-staffed. Having the wrong number of employees on hand can lead to serious losses. Zuus’ Labor OptiX provides a graphical display of your labor vs. customer demand, so you can see where you’re overstaffing and taking on losses, as well as where you’re under-staffing and failing to meet the needs of your customers. Use the intuitive Zuus interface to create shifts that work harder to result in profits.

Whether you’ve tried a scheduling app in the past and decided it just wasn’t for you, or tried several of them but haven’t yet found one that performed to your standards, we invite you to take a closer look at how Zuus can revolutionize your schedules- and your schedule creating process. If you’re not using Zuus, you’re spending too much time creating your schedules. Discover the benefits of what clients call the best scheduling app on the market:

No-shows and call-offs are no longer your headache. Zuus takes the heavy burden off of you and empowers your employees to shift swap and fill in for co-workers who request time off. No more last-minute phoning to employees to find one who can cover a shift. Clients love Zuus’ Staff Xchange feature that puts you and your employees in a better position to work together for a superior outcome week after week.

Create, edit and reassign wherever you happen to be, with MetriX Pro. Work through your Zuus dashboard and adjust the schedule in real-time as weekly or daily stats are provided for you, including store targets, sales per labor hour, customer counts and labor costs. The Matrix Pro interactive dashboard responds instantly to the changes you make on the schedule, so you can keep profitability in the forefront of everything you do. Talk about a smart scheduling app!

If you work in an industry where your staff is clocking in remotely from various locations, you’ll want to take a look at Zuus’ Labor TraX timekeeping interface that records time and attendance through geotagging, biometrics and on-site tablets. Maintain control over what’s happening when you can’t be there personally with Labor TraX.

Request a free demo of the best scheduling app on the market. Zuus would love to show you how they can help you schedule smarter with less effort than you’re currently spending on your schedules. Just click on the ‘Request Demo’ link to get started- you’re going to love using Zuus.

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