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Your Customers Come First

Zuus Dynamic Scheduling™ helps managers ensure their customers always receive the best service.

Your Customers Come First

Zuus Dynamic Scheduling™ helps managers ensure their customers always receive the best service.

Scheduling Software

Scheduling Software

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably in the habit of looking for profit-driven solutions for your company. Unfortunately, most managers are not on the same page as the owner of the business, however you can give your managers the tools to start thinking like you do when it comes to your business’ bottom line. It all starts with using scheduling software that provides the kind of information necessary to make changes that positively impact your bottom line.

Zuus Dynamic Scheduling can put your managers in a position to make better decisions with your business regarding scheduling, so they can weigh up tough business decisions in an instant and make choices in staffing based on meeting the needs of your customers or clients. The day of the paper schedule is long over, but that doesn’t mean every scheduling app has what it takes to meet your standards. Zuus is unlike anything you’ve seen out there to date, and is packed with innovative features to reduce expenses and build profits. Here’s how:

You know that staffing is one of the top expenses for your business- but your manager may not be aware that this is the case. Zuus’ Labor OptiX can present your staffing costs to your manager in a comprehensive graphical display that allows them a closer look into what the costs of labor versus customer demand look like- and how to maximize profits by closing the gap between the two. There’s a fine line between under-staffing, which diminishes the customer satisfaction rate and over-staffing that creates serious loss of company funds. Labor OptiX can potentially save your business thousands of dollars through dynamic staffing.

Labor Optix is only the beginning though- Zuus incorporates smart technology to empower your entire staff to work together to eliminate call-offs and no-shows that can consume valuable time. Instead of your manager phoning around at the last minute to cover a shift, employees can access the schedule anyplace, anytime, to cover shifts, request time off or communicate with their manager or co-workers. Staff Xchange will eliminate double scheduling and unexpected overtime that can result in losses. It’s just one more way Zuus is looking out for your bottom line!

Are you losing money through a high rate of turnover in your place of business? Restaurants are renown for high turnover, but no industry is without subjection to this costly issue. Zuus’ creators have recognized this serious problem and have designed their scheduling software to better meet the needs of employees to ensure they are being heard by their manager, and are being empowered to help create more convenient schedules. The result is a lower turnover rate that saves valuable resources and maintains a higher level of morale within businesses that use the Zuus scheduling software.

Find out more by booking a Zuus Workforce Demo today. It’s free and it’s easy- just click on ‘Request Demo’ at the top right of any page on the Zuus website and a scheduling specialist will get back with you shortly. Find out why more business owners and managers are turning to Zuus- feel the power!


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