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Your Customers Come First

Zuus Dynamic Scheduling™ helps managers ensure their customers always receive the best service.

Your Customers Come First

Zuus Dynamic Scheduling™ helps managers ensure their customers always receive the best service.

Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Are you looking for ways to improve your workforce management metrics? Put the power of Zuus to work for you and create dynamic schedules that do more than just fill time slots. Smart scheduling with Zuus can result in better employee morale, a more enjoyable customer experience, and best of all, can positively impact your bottom line- all with less effort on your part than you’re currently spending.

If you’ve tried other scheduling apps and are left feeling like they’re all alike, we invite you to take a closer look at Zuus. You’ve never seen another workforce management app like this one- we guarantee it. With smart technology built into every feature, Zuus can do more in less time than you could ever do alone. So crumble up that paper schedule or cancel your current subscription to your schedule maker- we are absolutely convinced you’re going to love Zuus.

Here’s why:

First and foremost, Zuus can save your business money. The fact is, many clients report to Zuus that their software saves them thousands of dollars every year. Don’t take our word for it- check out real client testimonials online and learn more about Zuus’ unique features that work hard toward impacting profits. There are a lot of services online claiming they can save you time and money- put Zuus to the test today and you’ll be a believer.

Your Zuus Metric Pro interactive dashboard will keep profitability and store goals in the forefront of everything you do within the schedule app. As you make changes to the schedule, you can instantly see stats that include your forecast sales, labor vs. customer ratio, sales per labor hour and more. Seeing how your schedule making impacts company profits is a game-changer. Learn more about Metric Pro on the website.

Workforce management can often encompass managing employees who clock-in and work at various locations. If your agency is having a tough time managing attendance and timekeeping, look to Labor TraX from Zuus to streamline the process. Your Labor Tax interface records hours worked and final sales, showing you how decisions affect profitability and help you compare staff schedules. Zuus uses geotagging, biometrics and on-site tablets to help you maintain control over multiple locations and staff.

Find out more by scheduling a free demo of Zuus that will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. As well, feel free to check out all of the free resources on the website, including the blog library that’s filled with informative and valuable articles, ‘Learn More’ page, Integrations, and Industries. If you would like to speak with a knowledgeable agent you can contact Zuus at (720) 613-9782. Schedule smarter and improve your workforce management with Zuus Dynamic Scheduling app that will help you complete schedules on-time and on-budget so you’ll know what your wage costs will be even before you step into the work week. Save time and money with Zuus- get started now.

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